Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Keys Locations Guide

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Keys Locations to help you acquire all the keys that are needed to unlock the secret levels in the game.

The reason for going for these keys is to unlock secret levels. However, you don’t really find the keys directly as acquiring them involves a process.

Firstly, you’ll need to find well-hidden N. Cortex Face Pick-Ups that will allow you to unlock Teleporters in a level. The Teleporters will let you access Neo Cortex Bonus Stages that, upon completion, will reward you with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Keys.

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Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Keys Locations Guide

We’ve detailed the entire process that you need to follow in order to acquire the hidden keys and unlock secret levels in Crash Bandicoot.

Finding N. Cortex Face Pick-Ups

Sunset Vista
N. Cortex Face #1
The 1st one is on the 3rd floor. After heading to the top of the ruins, head inside a small room to defeat a lizard and break all the crates to find it.

N. Cortex Face #2
From the 1st one, continues towards the moving walls and jump on top of the crates to access the second moving wall with the N. Cortex Face.

N. Cortex Face #3
For the final N. Cortex Face, head to the Cortex Teleporter and head left into a hallway. From there, find a small backroom on the left-hand side to find it.

With all three N. Cortex Faces at your disposal, return to the Cortex Teleporter to start the Neo Cortex Bonus Stage and complete it to acquire the first of two keys.

Once you are in the bonus stage after collecting all the Cortex symbols, jump over to the right onto a line of TNT crates.

Quickly run and jump pass the normal crates, so you can avoid the blast of the TNT. Do this one more time with the next stack of boxes. You’ll find the Key at the end. This key unlocks the stage of Whole Hog.

Jaws of Darkness
N. Cortex Face #1
You need to head past the Spike Traps & Fire to come across a stack of normal crates with a TNT crate at the very top. The N. Cortex Face that you seek is inside the bottom crate.

N. Cortex Face #2
The 2nd one is inside a ‘?’ box found after the snake and some spears.

N. Cortex Face #3
Following the 2nd N. Cortex Face, you need look for a secret platform on the left-hand side. This platform should lead you another stack of crates with the final N. Cortex Face inside.

With the three N. Cortex Faces at your disposal, start the bonus level after the final checkpoint and complete it to acquire the final key.

When you start, go past the crates and bounce on the TNT. Bounce on the right crates when the TNT explodes and it’ll activate the metal bridge you can move across.

On the second set of boxes, activate the first TNT and bounce atop the rest of the TNT boxes to make it to end. At the end of the area you’ll find the last Key. This key unlocks the stage Fumbling in the Dark.

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