Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Features a Glitch from the Original Games that Lets You Beat its Hardest Level

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was released on the PS4 a few days ago. Three full games straight from your childhood now back for you to enjoy fully remastered for the next-gen PlayStation all bundled on a single disc. If you have played the original games, you would remember that as the series went on, it became much easier than before.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped very much switched from raw challenge to a more fun, set-piece-oriented platformer and it was greatly received by the fans around the globe. One of the missions it had was “Orient Express” in which you had to ride a tiger across what looked like an imitation of the Great Wall of China while avoiding dragons and workers.

However, if you want to really test out your mettle in the Crash universe, you must go back to the first title Crash Bandicoot. This title set the bar for difficult platformers back then. It was considered as the daddy of difficult platforming and no other studio had an answer to this title. What really set the first game apart from the rest were two missions “Road to Nowhere” and “High Road”.

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These two missions can be considered as a single torturous mission with only a small intermission in between to help you catch a little breath before putting you through the same torture again. Both the missions take place on a rickety suspension bridge and Crash needs to cross them both.

Now that sounds very easy, however, it comes with a twist. The bridges are missing many planks and most of the planks break off if Crash spends some time on them standing still. Crash can only move forward, no left or right on the screen and to make matters worse, the day is very foggy which limits to visibility to only a few planks up ahead.

What makes these missions real torture is the camera. With the front view, you cannot see where you have to land. This is a luxury which most of the side-scrollers typically provide. The view, in this case, being from the horizontal plane, makes it very difficult to see where the Crash will land and in most cases, he will land on nothing making him fall down and fail. The restoration of these levels in the remastered version is gorgeous. The environment looks very pretty with enhanced special effects and the animal enemies that you will encounter now have very realistic lifelike effects.

However, the Crash Pros will remember that there was a glitch, which made these two levels a piece of cake for any level gamer. Both the bridges that you need to cross have ropes on its sides. In the original titles, you could have jumped on these ropes and passed the level without any problem.

Only stops that you needed were on various islands along the way and the best thing about these islands was that all crates spawned on these islands so you had plenty of time and space to break them easily. By running on the ropes, you will not miss anything for the 100% completion.

It turns out this glitch is still present in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy making your life a lot easier. You can jump on the rope and clear the whole level without any hiccups. This way you can complete the game without having to suffer like the old times if you did not know about this glitch.

Source: GameRevolution.

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