Crackdown 3 Skills Guide – All Abilities, How to Level Up Skills

The world of Crackdown 3 is your personal playground to fight, soar, and blow things up in creative and awesome ways. You’re going to have to level up your skills if you want to do all that in style so this Crackdown 3 Skills Guide will help you figure out all the different ones you can get.

Crackdown 3 Abilities

We’ve put together a list of Skills and Abilities you can unlock in Crackdown 3 as well as brief overviews of what they do. Whether you want to be more agile or level up your stats, this guide will be very helpful.

There are 5 core abilities in Crackdown 3 i.e. Driving, Explosives, Agility, Firearms, and Strength. Each of these come with sets of unique skills that you get once you level up each ability.

Driving Skills

The Driving ability can be leveled up by doing Road Races or just by running down Terra Nova soldiers in a really fast car. The stat can also be leveled up with Stunt Rings, Monkey Moonshine Barrels, and Hidden Orbs.

Skills Effects
Level 0 Vehicle Requisition: You can commandeer vehicles for use
Level 1 Agency Lightning: Your Agency vehicle transforms into its speed form Delivery on Demand: Summon the Agency vehicle Ejector Seat: Safely escape your Agency vehicle
Level 2 Agency Spider: Your Agency vehicle can now scale vertical surfaces by transforming into an all-terrain vehicle
Level 3 Self-Destruct: Remotely detonate the Agency vehicle to cause damage to enemies within the blast radius
Level 4 Agency Minotaur: Agency vehicle enters combat mode, with a mounted gun
Level 5 Mean Machine: Max out the abilities of every form of the Agency vehicle

Firearm Skills

To level up the Firearms Ability, just go nuts mowing down wave after wave of enemies. However, only weapons tinted blue on your HUD will contribute to leveling up this ability.

Skills Effects
Level 0 Armed & Dangerous: You can use any firearm.
Level 1 Deadeye: Attacks can now critical hits on enemies.
Level 2 Ammo Pack: More ammo carrying capacity.
Level 3 Vortex Cannon: Send enemies flying backwards with a blast of kinetic energy.
Level 4 Agency Ammo Field: Automatic refill of ammo for nearby agents.
Level 5 Graviton Tether: Energy weapon that links multiple targets together.
Level 6 Damocles Rounds: Refills all of your ammunition and deals massive damage/impulse.

Agility Skills

The most common way to level up the Agility ability is by finding the different Agility Orbs. The more circles on the orbs, the greater they will level you up.

These can be found in Propaganda Towers and other hard to reach places. Rooftop races also greatly level up this ability.

Skills Effects
Level 0 Combat Roll: Dodge enemy attacks by rolling.
Level 1 Boosters: Fire boosters to double jump in the air.
Level 2 Air Dash: Evade incoming damage by dashing mid-air.
Level 3 Agency Launch Pad: Boosts you high into the air.
Level 4 Double Dash: You can now dash twice mid-air.
Level 5 Triple Jump: Do a third jump while in mid-air.
Level 6 Escape Velocity: Jump boosters can be equipped for an extended period of time.

Strength Skills

The most obvious way to level up the Strength Ability is to punch the living daylights out of everything and everyone you see. Using the skills you unlock in combat will speed up the rate at which this ability levels up.

Skills Effects
Level 0 Grab: Magnetic gloves that can levitate objects from a distance.
Level 1 Energy Grip: Increases the range and strength of your grab.
Level 2 Ground Pound: The Agent slams onto the floor in a classic superhero landing which throws back surrounding enemies.
Level 3 Flying Fist Charges you at an enemy for a powerful punch.
Level 4 Resilience: resistance to damage from chimera, cold, electricity and fire.
Level 5 Graviton Gloves: Grab speed and range further improved.
Level 6 Boomfist: Unarmed attacks cause an explosions upon impact with enemies.

Explosive Skills

Level up the Explosives ability by doing vehicle lockup activities and monorail stations since they provide you with a greater number of things to blow up. Weapons like the Homing Rocket are good for speeding this up.

Skills Effects
Level 0 Demolition: Use throwables such as explosives and grenades.
Level 1 Bag o’Tricks: Increase in grenade and gadget capacity, better recharge rate or duration length.
Level 2 Limpet Grenade: Remotely detonated throwable sticky bomb.
Level 3 Rocket Rack: Greater explosive ammo carrying capacity.
Level 4 Big Bag o’Tricks: Even greater grenade and gadget carrying capacity, as well as recharge rate or duration length.
Level 5 Singularity Grenade: Special grenade that creates a black hole which sucks in surrounding enemies then explodes.
Level 6 Apocalypse: Quicker recharge rate on explosive ammo and gadgets as well as increased damage and knockback.

This is all you need to know about the Skills and Abilities in Crackdown 3. Now go out there and fight!