Crackdown 3 Prisoner Hardpoint Locations Guide

One thing to keep an eye out for in Crackdown 3 is Prisoner Hardpoints. They are not easy to spot and are visible on the map only when you are very close to them. Our Prisoner Hardpoint Locations Guide will help you find these militia scattered around the New Providence.

Crackdown 3 Prisoner Hardpoint Locations

Although these are not an actual requirement to complete the story, if you are an Achievement Hunter, you may want to look for these Prisoner Hardpoints. Searching for these can be a hassle, so I have listed locations of these Crackdown 3 Militia Points.

Once located, simply head over to the “Jail Bar” icon on your map and unlock each Prisoner Cell.

There are 12 Prisoner Hardpoints located around New Providence. Freeing each one of these militias will to earn you the “Liberator” Achievement as well as recruiting some of them to fight alongside you.

However, the main incentive is the Achievement because while having more recruits to join your army sounds good, but in reality, they are pretty weak and not worth it if the sole goal is to strengthen your army.

Prisoner Hardpoint Location Details
1 The Vision Go to the southern point of the area near the freeway to find the prison.
2 Ashwood Marina Search the western side of the area near the monorail track to find the prison.
3 Oasis Precinct Located right below the propaganda tower.
4 Zangado’s Breath Located in the west of Zangado’s Breath to locate this Prisoner Hardpoint.
5 Khan’s Scar Located at the top of the area near the monorail station.
6 Khan’s Scar Located right in the middle of the eastern side.
7 Khan’s Scar Located in the south, by the highway feeding into New Pantheon.
8 Westport Located to the east of the area near the hexagon buildings.
9 Westport Located slightly above the hexagon buildings in the east.
10 Westport Located on the north side of Westport, right on the border of The Exchange.
11 Westport Located in the north by the monorail track. It will look like the Hardpoint is actually in The Exchange.
12 Central Shade Head to the west by the shoreline to find the prisoners right in the middle of the slums.

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