Crackdown 3 Beginners Guide – Hidden Orbs, Best Early Game Skills, Best Weapons

We’ve prepared this Crackdown 3 Beginners Tips Guide which will inform of you all sorts of neat tips and tricks to have a more exciting time in exploring the world of Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3 Beginners Guide

Crackdown 3 is finally here after several delays and the chaos that the fans of the series yearned for is better than ever.

With lots of action, chaotic destruction, and the added perk of being able to play as Terry Crews, you can enjoy Agility Orb hunting like never before. If you don’t know where to start with this game, don’t worry!

1. Check the Map

Once you get out of the starting region of the game, there’s a whole lot for you to explore. Luckily, Crackdown 3 has a very well designed map that gives you a sense of direction and scale.

The map has a lot of verticality as it shows detailed designs of all the locations you will visit, climb or just generally move past.

The more you explore of the map, the more things you’ll unlock such as places to restock your ammo and fast travel points (which can be useful if you’re in a bit of hurry).

It will also guide you to your objectives and list Finished Missions with a “Completed” icon. You can also set waypoints.

2. The Targets Tab

This tab is found in the menu next to the map and contains information about the people you’re trying to kill. You can unlock more information by doing missions in their respective areas until you unlock them as Boss Fights.

3. Collecting Agility Orbs is Essential

Crackdown 3 has a notable Character Progression System as you can level up your *abilities and skills* by hunting own Agility Orbs. You can make your agent a force to be reckoned with.

Although these orbs are all over the map, we would strongly recommend collecting them if you see a string of them because leveling up becomes more and more difficult as you play and these will be a big help.

Some orbs are at different tiers than the others e.g. an orb with 4 circles will have a greater chance of increasing your level than one with 2 circles.

4. Keep an Eye out for Hidden Orbs

If you’re lacking in one area of abilities, you can boost it by finding these secret collectibles. Despite the name, they can actually be found in fairly predictable areas and are marked by blue rays of light.

Certain abilities are very difficult to level up and these collectibles just might be your key to doing so.

5. Go Vertical

As we previously mentioned, the map is massive and contains varying degrees of verticality. It means you have many ways to travel upwards.

One of the earliest skills you can unlock is doing a boost while jumping which sends you higher then you can air dash forward.

Moreover, you can also climb ledges once you reach them so this is a good way to travel faster across the massive city structures so don’t be afraid to make your character move along the wall and see if you can climb up.

6. Keep Fighting

It goes without saying that combat is a huge part of Crackdown 3. Whether you’re trying to level up, capturing supply points, or just passing time, you’re going to have to know how to handle yourself in a fight.

You can melee enemies, shoot them, and lock-on and then do special moves. Taking damage can hurt your shields but defeating enemies causes them to regenerate so just keep fighting. The more enemies you kill, the more points you get.

Oh, and rolling. Rolling can be a big help if enemies are overwhelming you.

7. New Gadgets Mean New Opportunities

The only way to wipe out bigger gangs as you play more of the game is to carry the best weapons and gadgets you can get your hands on.

From standard Frag Grenades to Chemical Charges, each gadget can help you dish out damage in new and creative ways, therefore, remember to build up your arsenal.

8. Have the Best Weaponry Early On

Once you start unlocking the more dangerous parts of the map, you can expect a lot of heavy resistance. This is why it’s best that you upgrade your armory as quickly as you can.

You can pick up better weapons at these more dangerous locations and turn the game into a cakewalk. Explosive weapons like the Homing Launcher will be very useful when taking down waves of enemies at once.

9. Level Up your Driving

Driving may not be the most popular way to get around in this game since it is more fun to just traverse the big environment but it can be very useful to get this skill up to level one from the get-go.

You can engage in stunt rings and road races once you unlock the Agency Car. Plus, it’s a good excuse to steal and unlock the different vehicles in the game including the enemy vehicles with mounted weapons.

10. Mobilize the Militia

Elizabeth Niemand’s grip on the city is causing her axe to fall on a lot of people. You can use this to your benefit as that means you have a lot of potential backup against the more challenging villains you will face.

Scale Propaganda Towers and *Rescue Prisoners* to get them on your side.

Just keep these tips in mind and you can achieve peak performance when you get your hands on the game.