After CPY, Steampunks is Gunning for Denuvo; A Working KeyGen Released

Denuvo just took a major hit from SteamPunks, a new hacking group that successfully released a keygen to allow you to bypass Denuvo in Dishonored 2. They claim that the keygen generates a “real license” for Denuvo which means they may potentially put Denuvo out of its misery.

Dishonored 2 is a Denuvo V3 game which is one of the best anti-temper solutions. However, CPY has been able to crack through it and now Steampunks are going after Denuvo with full force. The Keygen casts a shadow over the security of any future titles using this technology. According to a number of user reports, the keygen works and so far there haven’t been reports of malware or unwanted software being installed on your hardware.

The crack comes with an untouched exe and a keygen that creates a legit looking key to stop Denuvo from triggering. Does this mean every Denuvo game is cracked? Well, we can’t say anything about that and only time will tell if Denuvo can do something about it.

STEAMPUNKS are proud to bring you the first release including
a real Denuvo license generator with untouched game executable.
Your license will be regenerated if needed (hw change, os updates)
Enjoy The Power We just gave you.
You did not expect this one …
STEAMPUNKS are coming after you.

Generating licences on the fly is a massive vulnerability and could essentially make all v3 titles effortless to crack. What’s interesting is that the software is heavily protected by VMProtect. Some are assuming that this could be done to hide malware inside the software but others say that it is to not make it easier for Denuvo to figure out how SteamPunks cracked it.

So far there is not a single report of Malware and no process is created in the background.  It doesn’t create any startup windows’ process, so any trojan or keylogger is unlikely to be there.

Also, it doesn’t make sense to add malware into such a massive achievement.

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