CPY Fully Cracks Denuvo, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Available on Torrent Sites

It looks like Denuvo is not the savior developers were hoping it would be. It has been slain by CPY, at least, for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The full crack of the game is now available at different torrent websites.

This is not a bypass or a workaround but rather a full crack of a game that is using Denuvo. For those who don’t know, Denuvo is a popular anti-piracy measure that developers are starting to use in their games.

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It was believed that it is next to impossible to crack Denuvo as it “continuously encrypts and decrypts itself.”

Previously, a hacking group claimed that they will crack Denuvo by the end of the year. However, CPY has beaten them to the punch.

Piracy is a major issue on PC  but there is nothing that can be done to completely put an end to it. But measures can be taken to keep it under control.

Recently, CD Projekt RED used a very interesting and unique approach to piracy. They studio didn’t use any protective software. The studio managed to convince people not to pirate The Witcher 3.

The studio still managed to sell over 10 million copies which is a massive achievement. But it is safe to say that companies like EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix will always use such security measures.

It is also safe to say that hackers will always find a way around. Developers should focus on developing games that worth the money and release demos and trials to that players can try out the game before buying. This may help reduce piracy to some extent.

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