CPU-Z 1.79 Adjusts AMD Ryzen Performance Numbers That Were Too High Before

AMD Ryzen is a relatively new platform and that is the reason why there are some problems with the platform that are being fixed as we speak. Newly launched hardware is never perfect and hardly ever gets a complete support that it needs. Same is the case with AMD Ryzen. CPU-Z 1.79 has been released which fixes some of these issues.

Previously, we saw that the CPU-Z benchmark showed results that were too high. That issue has been fixed in the new update. If you notice that your numbers are lower now, then you need not worry. This is due to the new update and what you saw previously was incorrect. CPU-Z 1.79 uses a new algorithm so you cannot compare results of the new benchmark with results of the previous benchmark.

I imagine that this will be a pain for people that make a living out of benchmarking and comparing hardware. They will need to benchmark older CPUs using the new CPU-Z 1.79 benchmark now that the algorithm has been updated.

AMD Ryzen is a new platform and figuring out all the tweaks will take some time. AMD also talked about how the company needs developers to optimize games for the AMD Ryzen platform so that games can take full advantage of the higher core count that Ryzen has to offer. AMD has made some partnerships and the future is bright.

We have seen leaked AMD Vega images that reveal that AMD Vega could come with a copy of Quake Champions. id Software has said that the upcoming game will be optimized for AMD Ryzen and Vega. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for AMD.

Let us know what you think about the new CPU-Z 1.79 update and whether or not your score has been affected by the new algorithm.

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