Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Fragbite Bans “Emilio” From All Future Tournaments

Following the mid-game VAC banning of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Joel “emilio” Mako, Fragbite Masters has decided to outright disqualify his entire Team Property from the tournament.

While playing a Fragbite Masters group stage match against Team HellRaisers, emilio suffered a ban from Valve’s Anti Cheat. The team was then given forty-eight hours to provide proof that the VAC ban was false and in no way connected to the player using cheats.

However, the team was unable to do so and in emilio’s own words the ban was probably because he lent his account to a friend who ‘might’ have used hacks.

“I cant prove that my IRL friend is the one that have been cheating, and I know it’s retarded to even lend him the account in the first place,” said emilio. “But to my excuse, I really didn’t know that all your accounts gets banned if 1 gets effected. If I knew that I would never ever give him the account because I would never risk my career!”

Emilio has been banned from all future Fragbite Masters events. His Team Property though has only been banned from Fragbite Masters Season 3 and can resume play in the next Season. The team though will probably be removing Mako from their roster and replacing him with someone else.

Mako still has the chance to bring additional evidence any time in the future to reopen his case. For now though, his case is considered “closed.”

In the video above, you can see the moment when the ban took place.

Via EsportsHeaven

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