Could a Dead Island Remaster be Coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

With Dead Island 2 delayed, could Dead Island be coming to the current generation consoles to keep us going until the new game finally get a release?

Game remasters often cause some controversy, especially with the coming of backwards compatibility for Xbox One and PlayStation Now on PS4, which allow us to play the originals without little extra cost. Some remasters do have potential to boost an aging game with improved graphics and gameplay provided by the more powerful systems.

If a report by TheGamesCabin is in fact true (and not a mistake by the Swiss games outlet, Dead Island is making a move to the current generation console. With the delay of Dead Island 2 this may be the best way to keep Techland’s previous game in memory. Though they of course moved onto better things with Dying Light.

With a score of 80 on Metacritic Dead Island was a relatively well received zombie game that put trapped you on a tropical island then infested it with zombies. When released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 the game wasn’t without its issues, which included frame rate issues. With Xbox One and PlayStation 4 providing more power though these issues may be fixed, and we may even see improvements.

It will be interesting to see just what is included in the “Definitive Edition” and if this will include Dead Island Riptide too, but this may be unlikely. With a release date of December 4, you would have expected to have heard something about this game by now to at least build up some potential hype, so we’ll have to see.

With the lack of publicity over this release, and the fact that Dead Island 2 ran into troubles, this does seem a strange release, so note that this is a rumour for now. If there is any truth in it though I’m sure we’ll be hearing something soon.


Would you buy a Dead Island remaster? Let us know your thoughts below.

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