Cory Barlog Accused Of Wanting To Work For Microsoft, Barlog Replies

A recent post on the Playstation subreddit by a suspicious gamer has brought up the possibility that Cory Barlog of Sony Santa Monica, developer of the God of War games, might be wanting to leave Playstation exclusivity and instead go to work for Microsoft. Barlog himself has decided to respond on Twitter.

The poster’s reasoning in this instance is because Barlog has voiced his appreciation for Microsoft, the Xbox, and a number of Xbox games over the years, leaving more than a few people to apparently be suspicious of this.

At least one YouTuber, called TheRealAirplane99, posted a video asking Barlog to come back to “reason” and talk up other platforms, such as the PC. This is likely simply a symptom of the console wars, especially since that 2017’s God of War title is seen as one of the best games on the Playstation 4.

Cory Barlog, to his own credit, announced on Twitter that he would like to put up the Reddit post in question up on his wall. He then said that he enjoyed many different games on many different platforms and will continue to play as many games as he likes.

Thankfully, not only has Barlog refuted the accusations that he’d like to work for Microsoft, many other people have also criticized the original analysis as pathetic, especially since it’s most definitely a reach from a die-hard Playstation fan.

Even if Cory Barlog were to go to Xbox as well, it’s not like Sony Santa Monica would be going with him. Whether the God of War games would retain their quality afterwards remains to be seen, but there hasn’t been any sort of indication that Barlog will be leaving Sony any time soon. While we don’t know where God of War will go next, with him at the helm, it’s undoubtedly going to be great.