Control Welcome to the Oldest House Walkthrough Guide

This Control Walkthrough Guide will include a detailed walkthrough on one of the story mission “Welcome to the Oldest House” in the game. This mission will help you get a good understanding of the game by giving tutorials. You will meet new characters who will important figures ahead and you will face-off enemies controlled by Hiss. That’s enough about that now let’s get into the walkthrough.

Control Welcome to the Oldest House Walkthrough

The game starts with you controlling Jesse Faden who is the main protagonist in Control. In this mission, you will start at the Federal Bureau of Control’s headquarters. Jesse will try to look into the mysterious place while getting clues on her childhood.

Move past the reception desk and go up the stairs which are at a distance. Take a right to continue going into the hallway and you will meet the Janitor. After that go past him and enter the hallway. Go left towards the elevator but you can also scavenge the rooms for collectibles and whatnot.

Go through the double doors to enter the Director’s Office. You will now come across the body of Zachariah Trench. Pick up the weapon on the floor. Doing this will make you enter the Astral Plane.

This place is the tutorial section of the game. You will learn how to jump, shoot, melee attack and how to get health and ammo of dead enemies. After you finished the tutorial just approach the light and enter it. You will find yourself back to the Director’s Office.

Leave the office to be greeted by enemies dropping down from above. Get rid of them and go to the Central Executive area. Deal off with the enemies and go into the center. The lightings in the room will change and you will have to fight more enemies (there is also a tough one so use cover efficiently).

Walk to another side of the room where now you have to talk to Emily Pope. Move forward to the agents and clear his Hiss. After that go back to talk to Emily Pope. She is waiting on the stairs which are located next to the board room. Interact with her and you will now start with your next mission “Unknown Caller”.

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