Control Weapon Mods Guide – Where to Find, Mod Rarity, Deconstruction

Weapons Mods in Control are one of the important components of the game as they provide vital support in the fight against the Hiss. That is why our Weapons Mod Guide will walk you through how to mod your weapons.

Control Weapon Mods

Weapon mods improve certain aspects of your Service Weapons. For instance, they can reduce your weapons recoil or increase reload speed. In short, they make life easier for you in Control.

You can add up to 3 mods to your weapons. This allows you to use mods in combination to make for support through your journey.

Where to Find Mods?

You can either obtain mods through progress in the game or you can use Astral Construct to make your mods. Either way, the mods that you obtain are randomly generated. So, you have to make work what you get.

This is the easiest way to find mods. You just have to progress through the main storyline and obtain chest in the investigation. Inside them, you will find random mods.

Board Countermeasures
These are also part of the storyline but the side one. These are additional tasks that offer rewards for completion.

You can choose the countermeasures and redeem on them after completion from the Central Point.

Astral Construct
Lastly, you can also build your mods here. Astral Construct mixes Source Energy with the Material you’ve collected to make a range of randomized mod choices of which one you can choose to construct.

You can access the lab through the Control Points scattered across the Bureau of Control.

Mod Rarity

There are 4 rarity levels to the mods you can have in Control. These are color-coded and highlighted with numbers through 1-4. These levels are as follows:

Common – Grey I
Uncommon – Turquoise II
Rare – Blue III
Prime – Bronze IV

Deconstructing Mods
There is a limited number of mods you can hold together at a certain time. While the variety of mods that exist is greater than that.

Therefore, when your inventory for mods is filled, deconstruct some of the mods to replace them with other more useful ones.

Deconstructing mods gives you Source Energy based on the rarity level of the mods that you deconstruct. The rarer the mod, the greater the Source Energy returned.

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