Control Weapon Forms Guide – All Weapon Forms, Advantages

In Remedy’s new game Control, you need to take the fight to your enemy; the Hiss. Your best chance against them is your Service Weapon which is a versatile little thing that can switch between different forms so if you want to improve your chances of taking down the Hiss, you need to master all these forms. This guide details every Control Service weapon form in the game and how to get them.

Control Weapon Forms

There are 5 Weapon forms that need to be crafted at Control Points.  These are Grip, Spin, Shatter, Pierce and Charge.  Except for the Grip, you need Source and Materials to get these forms and you can’t immediately craft them all. You need to progress through the game to unlock and upgrade them.

You can improve the performance of each form with Weapon Mods that can be crafted at control points via the Astral Constructs option or you could just find them. Each weapon can be modded up to two times and you can add additional slots.


This is a reliable SMG type form with good aim, accuracy and range. It serves as your standard weapon that you get during the game’s opening in the Director’s Office. The damage is pretty good with little recoil issues and mod slots open up faster than with other forms.


This close-range form resembles an assault shotgun and you can purchase it once you get to your first control point. It fires multiple high damage shots that will take down enemy shields but needs frequent reloading. You can increase the range with upgrades.


This automatic form becomes available for purchase after you get level 2 access. It has a rapid fire rate but is best used in short bursts and in close range as holding the trigger will lead to decreasing accuracy.  You can add mods to get a zoom-in effect while aiming.


This long-range form delivers the most powerful damage by using a charged shot that can penetrate through surfaces and deal damage to multiple foes. However, each shot consumes a lot of ammo so use carefully.  You unlock it by going through Old Boys’ Club mission. You can mod it to get zoom-in effect while aiming.


This form can be purchased once you reach Panopticon in Containment.  It’s like a rocket launcher that starts with 3 projectiles after a charge up and then deals area of effect damage. It has a great radius so you can use it while Levitating. Each projectile only does mild damage so you’ll have to fire multiple times to finish off foes.


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