Control Unknown Caller Walkthrough Guide

In our Control Unknown Caller Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing the Unknown Caller mission in the game.

This Control Walkthrough Guide will include a detailed walkthrough on one of the story mission “Unknown Caller”. The mission’s main objective for you will be to get to the Communications Department. Don’t be calm because the way to it isn’t a pleasant walk through the park. You will face-off against enemies and even the first boss in the game. What mysteries will the mission and boss hold?. Well, let’s read ahead to find out.

Control Unknown Caller Walkthrough

The first main task in the mission requires you to get to the Communications Department. You can find the entrance to the Communications Department outside the board room and then take a right and keep going straight. You’ll reach it in no time.

Go through the doors and then down the stairs. You will see a door behind barricades in the office room. Go through them and into the next area. You will encounter some enemies deal with them to make your way to the cafeteria by using the stairs. You’ll encounter more enemies here, finish them off and go inside the room named Dead Letters.

Go down the stairs to be greeted by yet again more enemies. Fight and kill all the enemies and take control of the control point. Then go through the doors leading to the Communications Department. After that go down the hallway and take a right to arrive at mechanized room type area.

There will be a power object throwing different types of objects at you. Don’t waste your time shooting at it just try to avoid its attacks and keep going towards it. Go left then right to the other side. Go up on the stairs to the top which is at your right. Run across the metal bridge ahead of you and approach the object of power by running towards it.

You will reach the Astral Plane once you interact with it and learn the telekinesis ability you can test it out and then go back to reality. Get to central executive are and take a right to find the body of a dead guard with the level 1 access card and control point up ahead.

Take control of the point and use your card to get in the Mail Room. You will face off Tommasi in this room and he can be hard to deal with.

Some helpful tips on defeating Tommasi are obviously staying at a distance. First off kill all the low-level enemies and then take on him. Attack him from a range from either your guns or telekinesis. Staying at a range will help you dodge his attacks as well.

Continue through double metal doors and then go left. Keep going ahead until you reach the light plug/switch pull it thrice and you’ll reach the Oceanview Motel.

Go straight until you reach the bell at the front desk. Ring it and you’ll see a different door open on your left. Keep ringing it until room 226 appears.

Go inside grab the key from your desk and go back to where you started off in the motel. There will be a locked door to use your key to open it. Pull the cord/switch and you’ll reach reality. Approach the phone and interact with it.

You will now appear in the Astral Plane here you will encounter extra-dimensional beings. They will attack you so dodge their attacks and move towards the phone and interact with it. You will now come back to reality. Go to any control point and fast travel to Central Executive.

Walk to the board room and talk to Emily Pope. After the conversation, your new mission “Directorial Override” will start.

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