Control Ultimate Edition Gets “Next-Gen” Performance, Graphics Modes

The promised next-generation enhancements will soon arrive for Control Ultimate Edition to take full advantage of the new consoles.

According to an updated support page from earlier today, Control Ultimate Edition will allow players to switch between performance and graphics modes based on their requirements. The said performance mode will run in 60 frames per second while rendering at 1440p and upscaling to 4K resolution. The graphics mode on the other hand will fall down to run in 30 frames per second but with ray tracing reflections while rendering at 1220p and upscaling to 4K resolution.

The next-generation enhancements of Control Ultimate Edition will however differ between consoles. Xbox Series S will only receive the performance mode and which will render at 900p while upscaling to 1080p resolution. The limitation had to be placed due to the less-powerful hardware of the console and has nothing to do with the game itself, developer Remedy Entertainment has noted.

Control Ultimate Edition will naturally be making use of the new PlayStation 5 and DualSense features. The game will support haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the new controller while supporting PlayStation Activities and Cards on the console, which is notable because only first-party Sony Interactive Entertainment games have so far incorporated the said Activity feature.

Control Ultimate Edition, dubbed as a “value package” for players looking for a complete and enhanced experience, will be releasing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles on February 2, 2021. The game will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers while players on the Xbox side will have to pay the full price.

The release will be digital only. Those interested in a physical purchase must wait until March 2, 2021. With the game being free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, it becomes an instant unlock for fans who have been waiting since the base game was released last year.

Control Ultimate Edition bundles all previously released expansion and content packs. Unfortunately for players who already own the base game on previous-generation consoles, they will not be able to carry over their save files from either PlayStation 4 to 5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series.

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