Control Side Quests Guide – Locations, How to Complete, Rewards

Many of the side quests in Control are activated when you pick up the right document found in the game or after talking to certain NPCs. Keep in mind that you can directly take a break from the main story and complete certain side quests come your way.

Control Side Quests

Alternatively, you can return to them after completing the game. These side missions are very diverse and have some unique challenges, here we have listed all the side quests you will come across in the game.

What a Mess: Clear the Clog

You can go to Janitor’s Office in Sector: Maintenance and pick the task up from the board. Now go through the maintenance section to the pumping station. Here you will find a clog to be removed.

Climb the scaffolding remove the battery, put it in the hole and a new door will be opened here you will find another box. Pick this box and throw it in the next hole, pull out first battery and place it in this final hole.

Now use the handle to unlock the nearby door. Go and destroy the clog. You will receive the reward of 3 points and a weapon and some materials.

A Captive Audience

In the sector, Research, go near the Parapsychology room and pick the note on the desk.

There you will see the enemies separated by a fence, to access that area go down the corridor and set the symbol on the machine as you have seen during the main mission.

You will unlock the locked area and will interact with enemies there. There you will learn a new power-seizing opponent, with this ability you can deplete enemies’ health level and can take them to a safe location to help you in combat.

Fridge Duty

Talk to the person locked in the room with a fridge in level four of Panopticon right next to the checkpoint.

You will not help the man on your first visit, after visiting K6 Cell, come back and talk to the man and go to Langston. Langston will open the door and go back open the door and you will see that the man is killed by a powerful item.

Here you will clean the hiss from the fridge and come across a giant enemy, avoid its attacks hide behind pillars and use telekinesis. Use levitation to prevent falling into the abyss by its ground attack.

Old Friends

You will go to the Central Executive and talk to Arish to be able to start this quest. What you need to do is you have to get six bags or pouches that belong to Arish’s men.

First, go to the Atlas Chamber and defeat a guy corrupted by a hiss. Cho, you have to seek out that you will find in Ventilation.

Another guy Hazzard will be in Black Rock Processing and he will be difficult as he wears heavy armor and uses a grenade launcher.

Other two Hepstonall and Thompson will be found in Blackrock Quarry and NSC coolant pumps respectively. You will be rewarded with 4 skill points, crafting materials by Arish.

Old Growth

Talk to the Emily Pope in Executive Affairs to start this quest. Go to the lab of Dr. Underhill by getting to the elevator and use levitation to land safely.

Go further ahead afterward and you will find laboratory and Dr. Underhill will introduce you to her research. Now you will have to get five types of molds for the doctor.

Type A
You will have to go near the checkpoint and there behind the tent you will find a corpse, go on to that path and along with that path you will find Type A mold in a cave.

Type B
Below the lab level, you will have to go to the pit with poison. There you will find the way to toilets, you will find the mold there.

Type C
Not far from toilets, go ahead you will enter the TV room. The mold will be on the table in the room.

Type D
Right there, below the metal stairs, you will find mold.

Mold 1

Now you will have to go through a cave laid out with different enemies and poison, Take care of the exploding mushrooms and enemies in the narrow corridor.

Mold-1 is a powerful boss and is behind all the molds in the lab. Dodge its tentacles attack, or poisoning organisms or exploding mushrooms.

Keep moving constantly and keep attacking and throwing items on the boss and you will defeat it. You will get 4 skill points and other perks.


Pick up the note near Security and Logistics and you will start this quest. To complete this one you have to go to Sector: Research and go to Ritual Division to Mirror Testing Lab.

You will find a puzzle there, use panel there to decipher the way to unlock windows on both sides of the chamber. Set a correct order of windows and door to the mirror will be unlocked, through which you will enter Astral Plane.

Go through some more mirrors coming your way in the plane and after the third mirror, you will find the boss that you have to defeat. It will be a clone of yourself and will be throwing missiles at you, just catch them and throw them back at the enemy.

After 1/3 of its health is gone, it will start using telekinesis as well. Dodge and look out for those attacks. Then it will start flying, dodge the attacks and defeat the enemy.

Then purify the mirror and come back to the normal plane and you will receive 4 skill points.

A Good Defense

Go to the Central Maintenance and Access Corridor and there you will find a document, pick it up and this quest will be started. In the task, you have to go to the field training and just complete the training tasks in a given time.

The area is contained of different rooms, go through them use your aiming and aim down the targets as quickly as possible, preferably while running.

You will also have to use your telekinesis to put some batteries in the right holes. You can also use the perk master evasion that will increase your speed remarkably.

You will go to Astral Plane and unlock the shield with which you can avoid enemy attacks, rewarded 4 skill points and materials.

What a Mess: Talk to the Plants

This quest will be unlocked when you have completed the previous one named What a Mess: Remove the clog. Pick up the note from the board in Janitor’s Office and this quest will be started.

Now you just have to find plants scattered all over the Central Research.

1. The first plant is on the ground floor near the toilets.
2. The second will be near the stairs going upward.
3. The third plant will be found near a shelter.
4. The fourth one on the upper level.
5. The blocked passage leading to the Ritual Division is where the fifth plant will be found.
6. The last one will be upstairs.

You will receive material and 4 skill points.

What a Mess: Clear the Mold

Similarly, to get to this task you have to complete What a Mess: Remove the clog. Then pick up the note from the board in Janitor’s Office. You have to go to the Medical Wing and just clear the mold there.

1. You will find the first one in the main room, clear it.
2. You will find the second one from the room from where the steam is coming.
3. On the ceiling to the door leading to the room of the first clot is where the third clot will be.
4. Similarly, on the ceiling of the room of the first clot will be the fourth one.
5. The fifth one will be in the room with lots of boxes and luggage.
6. Look out the door that is half or most ruined, the last clot will be hidden behind the rock there.

You will be rewarded with materials and 3 skill points.

What a Mess: Even More Mold

To get this quest you have to complete the previous one named What a Mess: Clear the mold. Now same as previous, go pick up the note from the board of the Janitor’s Office.

There will be some more mold that you have to clear now in the NSC Coolant Plant. Defeat enemies and use levitation to go to a higher level. You will see more mold here.

1. Between the columns near the corridor, walls are full of mold.
2. Near hanging scaffolding, there will be more mold on the wall.
3. There will be another one above hanging scaffolding.
4. Next to the corridor full of mold will be your next target.
5. A little ahead there will be another target.

You will get material and 3 skill points.

A Merry Chase

Near the NSC Power Plant, take the elevator and go to Janitor’s Office. There you will start this quest when you see some red flickering lights. When you into the room with them, the floor will start crumbling.

You will see a horse that is an item of power, follow it through the Astral Plane. Here you will also unlock a new power Evade, it is a dodge you can apply in a chosen direction, you will be able to avoid all the crushing walls and get out of this level.

This quest will give you 2 skill points and materials.

Removing Mold

Go to the elevator and levitate to go to Dr. Underhill laboratory and talk to her and this quest will be started. You have to eliminate three enemies which are infected by mold and they are at three different locations each.

1. You will find the infected in the extrasensory lab.
2. The second one will be in the room with wooden cracks.
3. The last one will be in the corridor leading to Parakinesiology.

Ritual Division
1. Use the elevator and reach the top, the first one will be there.
2. The second one will be in Synchronicity lab on the upper level.
3. Next, to the Luck and probability room, the third one will be in the bathroom.

Central Research
1. Beyond door number one will be the first target.
2. The second one will be in the bathroom.
3. The third one will be in an isolated room that you will access using levitation.

What a Mess: Burn the Trash

Pick it up from the board in Janitor’s Office to start the quest. Go to Sector: Maintenance and into the Furnace Chamber. There you will find a large furnace, you have to distinguish the one with green hazard sign and pick it up by telekinesis.

Get this barrel to the furnace and throw into it. Do this a few times to complete the quest. You will be rewarded 2 skill points and materials.

Mr. Tommasi

When you complete the main story related to Emily Pope this quest will start by talking to Emily Pope. She will send you to fight Mr. Tommasi. You fought him once before and now its time for a rematch.

The boss will be waiting for in a remote room accessible only through levitation in the Turntable. It will have heavy armor and use rapid firearms like pierce to get through its armor.

Keep close the big boulder on the ground and use high-speed telekinesis to throw at him and after half of its health is deprived, exploding monsters will attack at you, keep an eye and avoid those.

At the end of the battle, a specter will appear that can come very close to you very fast and can kill immediately, dodge it and kill the boss quickly. Go back to Emily and talk to her.

What a Mess: Take a Break

This is the last quest in What a mess lineup so you have to complete all the previous to start this one. Get it from the board in Janitor’s Office.

In this one, you just have to go to the office and relax on the couch and at the end, you will receive assistant Janitor’s outfit as a reward for all the What a mess quests you have done previously.

A Matter of Time

Go to Sector: Containment and proceed to Logistics to start this quest. In the logistics on the left, you will see the map of the United States, near that you will hear the voice of Horowitz, he will be calling for help.

You need to go and talk to him and pull the string three times to go to a familiar motel. In the motel, you have to solve a riddle when you ring the bell at the reception the clock at the reception will strike the hour.

Go to the open rooms of the motel and set the hour according to the one at reception. You will hear a characteristic sound to know that you have completed the riddle.

Now go back and take the key from the reception, and open the door at the start of the motel which will take you to another new place. You have to find the medic there and talk to him.

The medic has the level 9 access and will open some new doors for you. Escort him and fight the enemies on the way. And when you reach at the end, use levitation and climb the bricks to jump off the other side and open the gate.

Escort the medic to the safe area and go to the wounded Horowitz to help him. But he will be turned into a hiss possessed beast now you have to defeat him and talk to a medic. This will complete this quest for you and start the other one automatically.

The Enemy Within

This will start automatically after A Matter of Time quest. Here you will go through the sealed corridor and continue to the levitating anchor. Here a monster will appear which will through waves of watches at you.

You need to dodge that and throw some heavy things like big watches into the mouth of the enemy when it opens its mouth. This will take a big toll from its health so you just need 4-5 timely placed attack.

During the fight some smaller enemies will also appear, so keep an eye on them to take care of your health. Boss take some time after a big attack so during that time you can take care of the smaller enemies.

After defeating the boss, go to the anchor and purify it. The mission will be completed and you will get materials and 3 skill points.

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