Control Security Clearance Guide

To open the locked security doors in Control you need to step up the Clearance Levels. Clearance Levels are important to advance in the game anyway but are important to open the security doors as well. In this guide, we will show you how to increase security clearance to level 6 in Control and gain access to all the areas in the Oldest House.

Control Security Clearance

As you progress in the game, you increase your Clearance Level. When you go near the doors, they will be locked and will require levels of Clearance Levels. As you explore the Oldest House you will be finding the Security Cards.

As you acquire these Security Cards, you will be increasing the Clearance Levels along with that. These Security Cards are spread throughout the game and are also received as you progress further.

Below we have mentioned every location and event that should be accessed to increase your Clearance Levels

Clearance Level 1 Card

You will encounter a locked door requiring security card very early in the game. But you won’t find it anywhere around; In fact, you will have to progress further to find it.

You will obtain your first Security Card once you reach your second mission. You have to enter the Mail Room but it is locked. You have to look around and you will find a guard on the floor, probably dead.

You are going to find the Card near his body and with this, you reach Clearance Level #1.

Clearance Level 2 Card

You have to continue in the main story here and when you reach your third mission, you are told to go and meet the janitor downstairs.

Go and take the elevator and meet him. He will take you through some objectives before giving you the clearance for level 2.

Clearance Level 3 Card

To acquire the card for this is no trouble at all. At the very end of the third level, in the Executive Area, the Pope will ask you to follow Marshal to the Research Sector. Once there, you will required to progress through the maintenance sector and to life the lockdown in that area. After completing this objective, head back to the Pope.

This whole area requires Clearance Level #3 whose card will be eventually given to you by the Pope. Now you can go and enter the area.

Clearance Level 4 Card

When you solve the puzzle in mission 4, Old Boys’ Club, you are going to speak with someone. She will take you through your next objective and will provide you with Clearance Level #4 Card as it is required to increase security level before you enter it.

Clearance Level 5 Card

In your fifth mission, you will be looking for a Black Rock. Your path is blocked by a locked door that requires Clearance Level 5.

So head towards the Maintenance Section and there you will find Darling’s lab. You will see a desk in the lab. Approach the desk and you will see the Clearance Level 5 card placed on the desk. Pick it up and your Clearance Level will be increased to level 5.

Clearance Level 6

This is pretty simple. You are going to finish your sixth level and enter the next scene. So, just complete the mission six and then keep following the objectives. Eventually, as you progress further, you will meet Dylan in a scene. After the meeting with Dylan, you will be given Clearance Level 6, which means that now you can unlock the doors and access all areas of the map.

These are all the Clearance Levels and the ways of progressing through these levels. All these missions are completed in the main story and are continued here.