Control Puzzles Guide – How to Solve, All the Hints

When playing through the new epic, Control, you would come across multiple puzzles. Some of these may be obvious while others would have few intricacies to them which you may just miss.

Control Puzzles

The guide hopes to provide the solutions to most of the puzzles that you would encounter when playing the action-adventure thriller Control!

1. Threshold Puzzle

The puzzle changes every time you are staying in the Oceanview Motel in control. The puzzle can be a bit daunting as nothing appears to be off on the first look.

Use the bell to open up the doors. There is a room that seems completely normal with nothing to interact with and another where, although there is stuff present, it is unclear as what to do.

Look at the first room and then try to match its aspects with the second.

Everything in the second room needs to be interacted with except the chair which needs to be left pulled out. Now an eerie noise will ring out and you’ll know that the rooms match.

After this, a third door will then open which would contain the key that you need to open the Pyramid door back in the hallway where you entered.

2. Luck and Probability Puzzle

The office has quite many items that are intractable by the player.

The goal of this puzzle is to have the TV set next to the roulette table show the same number as does the roulette table i.e. 7. This puzzle would also award you three ability points as well as the Golden Suit Outfit.

Now enter the room with the roulette table, there you would find a whiteboard. This board would list the items that need to be activated.

  1. Turn on all the desk lights.
  2. In the other room is a small plant. Take it and plant it on the white vase next to the TV set.
  3. Activate the Newton’s cradles.
  4. Activate the beckoning cat.
  5. Ignore the horseshoe (if not required, else play with both positions, both might work)
  6. Pick up the fish with Launch and “drop” it next to the roulette table (optional step, may not be required)
  7. Interact with the roulette.

3. Monitor Puzzle

This is one of, if not the simplest puzzles that you would come across in control. You just have to move the image until it aligns with the picture on the left.

4. Astral Spike Puzzle

The goal here is to trap the Astral Spike in the room behind it. Pick the crate and place it in the center of the room so it is easy to access. Now thrown the battery crate to the right of the door. Now make a run for it to the opposing side of the room.

Stand in the container until the spike enters, you need to lure and trap it inside here. Make a run for it again exiting through the door you just entered and to the terminal where you will interact with the button.

A new door would open, enter it and interact with the marshal intercom. Pull up your socks for an intense fight, now proceed to cleanse the Control Point.

5. Turbine Puzzle

This puzzle is a stepping block for getting through the Threshold mission. Use the launch ability to remove the crate from the socket, on left. Now bring a crate with you as you jump across the stationary turbines and take the stairs to the right.

You will come across another set of turbines. Launch the crate into both sockets. This would power the door which you would now use to jump across. Finally, walk up the light switch and pull it three times.

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