Control Outfits Guide – How to Unlock All Outfits

You will get a menu listing for outfits in control once Central Executive’s Control Point has been accessed by you, but this listing would be empty. There’s no need to worry though as three outfits are going to be released when the game launches and there are other outfits unlocked also in the game which are great too.

Control Outfits

Tactical Response Gear (Pre-Order Bonus), Astral Dive Suit and Urban Response Gear (Exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition) are the three outfits unlocked at launch are the three outfits which are going to be released at launch while you can unlock seven other outfits by playing the game.

You default outfit will be the civilian outfit equipped at the start of the game. This is the outfit you will be wearing while you unlock the others. The other six outfits are:

  • Janitor’s Assistant
  • Asynchronous Suit
  • Director’s Suit
  • Candidate P7
  • Office Assistant
  • Golden Suit

Here is how you can unlock these:

  1. The Director’s Suit and Office Assistant will be unlocked once you complete the game.
  2. Janitor’s assistant is unlocked when you complete the questline “What a mess” for Ahti the Janitor.
  3. Candidate P7 is located in the Containment Sector. To get this one, activate the costume’s location and you will unlock it.
  4. You can unlock The Asynchronous Suit if you complete the side-quest ‘Self-Reflection’. Just physically pick up the Outfit and you will get it.
  5. And last but not the least, the Golden Suit can be unlocked in the Luck & Probability Section in the Research Sector. You’ll have to complete a puzzle behind a Level 05 clearance door, if you solve it you get the outfit.

How to Change Outfits
Select the option visible to you when you visit a control point. Open the menu when you get there and choose “Change outfits”. Then choose whichever outfit you prefer.

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