Control Old Boys’ Club Walkthrough Guide

In the Control main story, you will face the mission Old Boy’s Club and this walkthrough will guide you through...

In the Control main story, you will face the mission Old Boy’s Club and this walkthrough will guide you through it.

Control Old Boys’ Club Walkthrough

We will recommend you to complete a side mission called A Merry Chase first, which will give you the ability to Dodge. This ability will help you a lot during this mission we highly recommend having this ability first hand. So now when you’re ready, take the elevator in the Central Executive area and go the Sector: Research.

Take a few steps after coming out of the elevator and you will find yourself in the Central Research area and here you will come across a few enemies, fight and defeat them to move forward.

Now go to the downstairs and you will a big red wall, which will be blocking your way because there is definitely no other way found. So basically to move forward you have to go through that red wall, so for that, you will see some red dots surrounding the wall.

Shoot down those red dots and your next passage will be unlocked. Now take the corridor leading to the Parapsychology room. And there, turn towards the Parakinesiology section. Here you will face another group of enemies, defeat those to take this control point as well.

Now moving forward from there, after a short walk you will see a new creature kind of thing, made of matter, and it will be kept in a special room. But here, to reach that room you will have to come face to face with a beast. This beast is standing in your way to that room. Now you cannot really defeat that beast but use your wit to lock this beast down.


First, open your passage to the right and keep going until you reach the area with the beast. Here you will have to throw the battery to a suitable recess, and very quickly lift another crate and place it properly in another hole. During all this work, you must watch out for the beast and you better keep a safe distance. Here your ability of dodging will help you a lot if you come in contact with the beast.

Try to avoid it as much as you can. Now to lock the beast, enter the tunnel and open the door and wait for the beast to notice you. When it comes for you, very quickly move away and run to the control panel and press the button. This way you will be able to lock the beast in the passage and your next way will be cleared.

Now from this tunnel you will go through the doors and reach Parapsychology. Here you will come across some more enemies possessed, defeat those and take control of the control panel. Here you will also find a side quest (A Captive Audience), we encourage you to complete it as it will be of great help for you to master the ability of crowd control.

Here go to the speaker next to the elevator and talk to Marshall. A cutscene will start and after that, you will have to defeat some more enemies and take the elevator to go upstairs. Take control of this checkpoint and go to Luck and probability section to find Marshall.

Now go through the door and go to the Ritual Division. Here you will find a bunch of enemies waiting for you and if you try to take over the checkpoint you will come across some more enemies. Defeat all those enemies and take over the whole area and you will see this area converted to the normal.

Now go run to the other mark on the map through Protective Skills and you will see a card with a symbol on the door. Look at that symbol very carefully and remember it as you will have to recreate that symbol very soon. Now go to the HRA lab and to the panel, here Marshall will show up. Now your task is to just restart the terminals and activate HRA machines.

For that purpose first, you will have to collect five pieces of cards scattered around the room and put those cards in the appropriate terminals and each of the machine is assigned a correct combination of signs on the side. You just have to decipher the patterns and take hints from the boards.

These are the correct combinations for each terminal:

Terminal 1

control old boys club terminal 1

Terminal 2

Terminal 3

Terminal 4

Terminal 5

old boys club terminal 5

When you have put all the cards with correct combinations, you just go the machine and launch it. Then talk to Marshall. Your Mission Old Boy’s Club is now complete.

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