Control My Brother’s Keeper Walkthrough Guide

This Control Walkthrough Guide will include a detailed walkthrough on the sixth story mission " My Brother's Keeper". This mission will include...

This Control Walkthrough Guide will include a detailed walkthrough on the sixth story mission ” My Brother’s Keeper”. This mission will include you looking for Dylan. You will discover new places, fight a tough boss and even learn a new ability. All these in one of the shortest missions of the game. Read the rest of the walkthrough guide to get to know everything.

Control My Brother’s Keeper Walkthrough Guide

The main objective in this mision to find Jessie’s brother, Dylan. Go to the Sector elevator and then take it to the containment sector. Go further inside the sector and deal off with all the enemies. After finishing the enemies go to the logistics and after that move towards security. You will face more enemies and can take control of a control point. There is an optional side mission in the area as well named as “A Matter of Time” which you can do if you want to.

Coming back to finding Dylan. Move further towards the Medical Wing and reach the security room where you will see the light switch/plug, pull it thrice to reach the Oceanview Motel. Move to the front desk and ring the bell until the door opens. Go into the room and rotate the image so that it is right side up. Go back and ring the bell. Another door will open go in and grab the keys from the table. Go to the start of the motel and open the door where you will find the string. Pull it until you reach Panaoptikon.

Cross the bridge here and talk to the supervisor. Take the elevator in the distance to the fourth floor. Go ahead and take control of the control point. Defeat all the enemies in the area. After that go to the bridge and forward to room 716. Interact and start the purification to be sent to the Astral Plane. At a distance, you can see enemies go to them and defeat them. You will now encounter the boss Salvador.

He has a shield around him and does damage from a range by throwing objects at you. Easy way to beat him is to get behind cover and attack from there. You can use your ability to break his shield and then do damage to him. After finishing him go to the TV and remove it from Hiss. You have now learned the ability Levitation. You can fly to areas or attack enemies from the sky. Go back to Panopticon go to the fourth floor levitate onto the fifth floor onto the platform. Move towards the P6 cell.

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