How to Level Up Fast in Control

As you play through Control and level up, you will gain ability points and unlock new abilities as you continue progressing. Completing missions will grant you access to new hidden areas and the ability points you receive can be used to upgrade your abilities. In case you do not know how to level up, don’t worry as we have written this guide to help you through it and give tips on how to level up fast in Control.

Control Level Up

As you keep on finding the Objects of power in the game, you keep on gaining abilities which are Dash, Launch, Shield, Seize and Levitate. You have to level up these abilities to improve their effectiveness in combat.

Leveling up in Control isn’t very conventional like other games. Instead, you’ll find yourself getting stronger as you learn to utilize your abilities a lot more effectively. As you earn more Ability Points in Control, you’ll become stronger and be able to easily fight the different enemies in Control.

Activities in ‘’Control’’ award you ability points that can be used to level up individual abilities as mentioned above. Not only do you increase your abilities but also unlock mod slots for your weapons when you spend these points.

The mod slots can increase the stats of the weapons your protagonist uses during the game and obviously her own HP and Energy.

Get out of the Board Room after completing the “Unknown Caller” mission. You will see a menu when you access the control point after speaking with Emily Pope. Select abilities from that menu and if you have unlocked abilities this is where you can upgrade them, and this is how you level up.

In the maintenance sector, you will find many locations of interests containing side quests that can award you some ability points to make sure you don’t miss these. You will have to speak to NPCs in this area and wander around uncovering all locations to avail these opportunities.

Side-Quests and hidden locations are your bread and butter to gain more ability points. The more you explore the game, the more the game will reward you and the stronger you can get with upgrades.

You will see that the clearance level increases even if you do not open some locked locations and locations of no interest in the main story but these often contains different puzzles or hidden areas that can award you with ability points which are otherwise important to gain cool new movesets and entirely new variations in your abilities which will make your playthrough of the game even more entertaining.

If you want to max out your abilities, do as many side missions as you can and find hidden locations.

What Should I Upgrade in Control?

You’ll find a number of abilities in the game as you play through and find different objects of power. However, we recommend focusing on specific three skills first before you proceed forward with any other.


Having a higher pool of health becomes increasingly important as you progress further into the game. The first level will give you +10% health and then +20% and so on.


You’d be lying if you’d tell us that you didn’t have as much of a blast with Launch as we did. Honestly, guns feel like a chore when you can just throw everything at your enemies all you want.

Launch 1 gives +25% damage, upgrading it all the way to Level 5 will allow you to deal +75% damage and that’s absolutely insane and why we recommend you level this up as much as you can to be able to dispose of enemies and bosses easily.


Utilizing most abilities in Control is going to require Energy, and to increase that bar you’re going to want to upgrade it. This will allow you to last longer in battle without having to retreat in cover

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