Control Hidden Areas Locations Guide

Control is full of Hidden Area Locations on the map which you are bound to miss if you do not explore every nook and cranny. This guide would help you with these places in case you miss any. We will be showing you how many hidden areas are in control, exploring each of which would land you one extra Ability Point.

Control Hidden Areas Locations

Let’s dive into the Hidden Areas scattered around the map in Control and how you can access these Hidden Area locations.

Executive Affairs
On top of the big stone pillar. Use the Ground Slam Ability for an extra height boost as it may seem daunting to reach the top.

Communications Departments
This location will be found right next to the mailroom. You’ll have to make your way up and then go to the door right by the wall. When you enter that room, you’ll find multiple computer stations that are surrounded by concrete. Above it will be your hidden location, which can be reached by levitating.

Communications Departments Second Location
To get to the second location, go down the hallway from the room you were previously present in. Now make your way in the hallway until you observe a room filled with mold.

However, you can only enter the room upon completing Underhill’s questline. Once that’s done, you’ll enter the room with mold without experiencing any damage. In fact, further on from this point, you’ll be able to enter any room with mold.  You will also find an item box around the corner.

Access Corridor
Go to the Maintenance sector level corridor and levitate on to one of the objects in the room to be able to comfortably reach a hole above. Now levitate once more to access another hole above you.

Lastly, levitate towards the light. Cross the area until you can levitate down. Progress through the holes and the platforms until you can see a door leading you back to the area where you started from.

Break Room
This one is in the proximity of the janitor’s office. The room where you fell through the floor and have unlocked the Evade Ability, there’s a hole in the ceiling that teleports you to an Astral Plan area.

Levitate to use it. Now, enter the hole and move from pillar to pillar, after that levitate through the light at the end of the area. Using levitate and evade together would make things simpler.

For this location, go back to the Janitor’s office. You’ll find a door in this office which is located alongside a dart board. Enter that door to access the tunnels. Go through the tunnels until you find yourself in front of an entrance that leads to a firebreak.

Get out of it by simply levitating and look beside it to find another entrance.

While you’re here, you can also avail the chance to acquire the NCS Coolant Pumps Upper Level Control Point document by going back into the firebreak and levitating to the ground level. You’ll also find a door to NSC Coolant Pumps room.

Pump Station
You should fast travel to the Control Point called “Ventilation”. Move towards the Janitor’s office. Enter the office and open the door on the left. Keep moving until you reach a fan or sewers area.

There would be a dead-end, levitate to the right from there to discover alcove in the wall.

NSC Power Plant
This one is quite simple. Levitate to the top of the NSC Plant, the very top!

Black Rock Quarry
There is a hole between some rocks at the entrance of the Black Quarry mine. This would lead you to a mold-infested area.

You can now either levitate or launch a nearby forklift to destroy the wall blocking the way. Since there is mold here you cannot proceed without the immunizing pills from Dr. Underhill.

Black Rock Quarry Second Location
Enter the room located ahead of the Black Rock Quarry entrance and levitate up to the hole in the ceiling. Levitate until you’ve reached to the level five security door. Now go into the upright room and keep levitating until you find the entrance that leads to the tunnels.

Move forward till you find a door in front of you. This will be your hidden location and you’ll find yourself back to the furnace.

Furnace Chamber
Near the area where you come across the astral monster is a door. There is an alcove above and is accessible to you.

Levitate to climb the platforms, follow the sewers until you come across a door that would lead you back to the Furnace Chamber. When you get to the area where the Furnace chamber is the Ability Point would be unlocked.

Central Research
Levitate to an area above the glasses in Central Research, then enter the office, then open the door. Surrounded by the mold would be a second door which you would have to open.

Avoid interacting with the radio to circumvent fighting mold hosts and enter. Enter the room and move up the stairs to unlock the hidden ability.

Simply enter the room and then climb the stairs to unlock hidden location ability. This area is inaccessible as well unless you get the immunizing pills from Dr. Underhill.

Central Research Second Location
Just as you’ve crashed in the office, you’ll find the hidden location right across the room. You’ll basically spot a balcony with a blanket of poison ivy on it.

Now make your way to the office that appears yellow and look behind its door. You’ll find a room with the label that reads ten. Complete Underhill’s quest to enter it.

Central Research Third Location
Go near to the location near Dr. Darling’s office. Look up to the doorway of his office and you’ll find a terrace. Levitate up to the terrace and you’ll access the hidden location.

While there, look behind you and you’ll find two more terraces. Levitate to the one at your right and then make your way from there to the second one. There you’ll find a doorway to lab 79 and you’ll also find your hidden location.

Active Threshold
In Central Research, you’ll find an area infested by mold. There is a big hole in the ground near it which is accessible only after unlocking levitate. Completing side missions for Dr. Underhill would lead you to a wide area.

To the right is the entrance to a restroom. Enter here and you would discover a hole in the ceiling, levitate to it.

Active Threshold Second Location
While being present at the centre of the location, look at your map and find the beaming light at the west of your map.

Now walk straight towards the wall and look up to find multiple platforms floating that you can go up to. Use these platforms to make your way up until a hidden location appears in front of you.

Containment Sector
You’ll come across few hidden locations in this area that will include logistics area, firebreak and Panopticon.

In the logistics control point, you’ll find a wall with United States map on it. Look up to the ceiling and you’ll find a hole. Levitate up and you’ll find item boxes.

In this sector you’ll be finding a firebreak on the north of the Logistics Control Point. This firebreak will lead you to the Panopticon.

Go into the Firebreak tunnel and look around for a tiny room. This will be your hidden location.

Upper Panopticon Fourth Floor
To reach this hidden location, you will have to make your way to the Upper Panopticon Control Point. Once you’re there, cross the bridge and reach Fortified Unit 716. Upon reaching, go into the area and make your way towards the light at the end of the tunnel by levitating. Here you’ll unlock the hidden location.

Panopticon Fifth Floor
Now from the previous location, levitate up to the fifth floor. Move forward into the open area and make your way to the left where there’s a small opening beside bigger ones.

Panopticon Second Floor
To be able to access the archive sites, go to the second floor and find a door. Open the door to go towards the next secret room.

Transit Corridor
Make your way to Transit Corridor by fast traveling and approach the NYC subway sign located towards south. Right beside the wall, you’ll find an office that you’ll have to break in to get to the hidden location.

Control Foundation DLC Hidden Areas Locations

Following are all the Control Hidden Areas Locations in the Foundation DLC and how to find all of them.

This hidden location will be located on the north side of the Crossroads. For this location, Jessie will have to reach the ledges by flying and jumping. Since she can smoothly go over the ledges you’ll have no trouble going towards the west.

Proceed your way there and make your way in the direction of the dark area at the very corner of Crossroads. Now head towards the ledge with the sign for the “Base Camp”.

When you get there, you’ll be encountering the boards that you will have to get rid of. Now get inside the hidden location and collect a loot chest and a document.

To get to this location; you will first have to unlock level 6. After you’ve unlocked this level, you’ll find a secret location called the Upper Warehouse in the Warehouse location.

While doing The Nail mission, you’ll go to the sixth floor. Now go to the monolith and carry out the ritual.  After that, go towards the elevator and destroy the wall near it. Upon destruction, it will reveal a secret location called The Upper Warehouse.

Collapsed Department
In the Data Entry and Filling Rooms of the Collapsed Department, you’ll find two hidden locations. To get to these locations, you’ll have to examine the offices with weak walls.

When you enter the Data Entry and The Filing room, go to the entrance and make your way to the office at the left corner. There you’ll find a weak wall which has to be destroyed. Upon destroying the walls, you’ll unveil the hidden location.

After that make your way to the fourth floor and head to the office on your left. There you’ll find another wall that can be destroyed. Again, upon destroying you’ll access a hidden location.

Collapsed Passage
This location can be found when you try to make your way through the Collapsed Passage. At first, Jesse will try to get to the locked gate however she will fail to do so. Then, she’ll have to go to the right path which is the Transit Control.

Go to the elevator and get it to work. When it starts working, jump back. The elevator upon working will reveal a shaft that you’ll have to jump into to unlock the hidden location.

Transit Access
You’ll be finding this hidden location at the Transit Access location. When you’re there, the elevator will hit the ground and the enemy will emerge.

Upon combatting the enemy, the game will unlock the hidden location. Take a look into the hidden location after you’re done defeating the enemy. You’ll find a loot chest and a secret document.

Cave System
After you unlock the Shatter power in Nail main mission, you can access the upper area of the Cave System. Make your way towards the bridge and turn left to unlock the location and find the loot chest.

Astral Collision
In the Astral Collision area, make your way to the astral pane earlier visited during the Nail Mission.

Look for a higher platform that can be reached by jumping or flying. It’ll appear as a gap between the wall bodies. When you reach there, you’ll find out that it’s a toilet. You’ll unlock the location alongside and get the loot chest.

Astral Collision Second Location
Fast travel to the Astral Tower PE and get to the top of the tower by using levitation. When you reach the top, you’ll unlock a hidden location and discover a TV with a video recording collectible.

Go to the warehouse location and head to the tower. Make to the third story through the lift and climb your way up to the hole in the tower wall. Now instead of sliding to the yellow ledge, levitate around the tower. You’ll notice a hole at a low point that you’ll have to enter.

Upon entering, you’ll reach an undiscovered story of the tower that will unlock your hidden location and give you a secret document.

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