Control Game Help Mechanic Added To Assist Players Through Main Quests

Alongside the much greater graphical quality that will be going into Control Ultimate Edition on the Xbox Series X and S and the Playstation 5, apparently Remedy Entertainment will be going the extra mile. A Control Game Help mechanic is also being added into the game to help players complete quests.

Control is an enormous game filled with a large number of side-missions to go along with the main story. According to How Long To Beat, a completionist run of the game will take you 25 and a half hours, and that’s not even getting into the DLC that also comes with the Ultimate Edition.

In a world where more and more long games are coming out and there’s often too many to consider playing to completion, to say nothing of the open-world games that have dozens of hours of extra content aside from the story, the intent of Remedy adding the new mechanic is intended to help people complete more games and spend less time looking up guides or getting discouraged because they don’t know what to do.

The Control Game Help mechanic includes over 200 different guides and videos if you have Playstation Plus, all of them intended to help you be able to complete Control in a timely manner so that you can get on to your next game.

While there’s no indication that the Game Help mechanic will actually help people finish the game faster, it’s still a noble effort from Remedy in making sure that their game doesn’t take up so much time that people can’t just finish it and go off to another.

The Control Game Help mechanic will likely be arriving on next-gen consoles the day that the game actually becomes available as well, so if you have Playstation Plus and are wanting help on a section of the game at some point, the Game Help function should be just what you need.