Control Foundation Marshall Boss Guide

The Foundation expansion for Control is filled with new areas and story missions. The final story mission is called “The Pyramid” and it is during this that you will encounter the final boss of the DLC; Marshall. She died down at the bottom of the Nail and you must battle her hollowed shell. This Control Foundation Marshall Boss guide will cover all you need to know about this boss battle.

Control Foundation Marshall Boss

Head to the crossroads and talk with Pope. She will inform you that her analysis has concluded that the Nail is either a piece of the Astral Plane or a vessel containing it.

Furthermore, it’s in danger of destroying both planes. Jesse will then agree to head down and take care of the tremors. You must then head to the bottom of the Nail to get some actionable data.

Drop down and make your way to the lower crossroads. Once you reach there, a cutscene will trigger in which you will encounter Marshall who is alive. She will then attack you.

How To Defeat Marshall in Foundation DLC
You must keep your distance and fling boulders, as well as shoot at her to deal damage. When she’s at a distance, you must watch out for her grenades. Either dodge them or yank them back at her.

When she runs at you, you must maintain the distance through the use of Shield Rush or Levitation. If she hits you with her melee attack, you will take a lot of damage.

She will also spawn some minions to attack you and they will start pouring in from the outside. You should take care of them before going back to deal with her since they will be quite the hindrance otherwise. Plus you can collect the health that they drop to keep yourself in the battle.

A great way to deal damage is to lure Marshall to an area where you can raise crystals from below to damage her. Just wait until she starts rushing towards you and then time your attack to when she is on top of them highlighted part of the floor.

Remember to move around the area as much as you can since her attacks will be rapid. Mobility is the key to your survival during this fight. Just be careful not to fall into the cavern below.

This fight is tough but the strategy boils down to just running and gunning.  After a while, you’ll drain her health to zero and win the fight. Jesse will then express her regret not having come down with Marshall to stop the corrupt Nail. You must then cleanse the nail and then head back up to the crossroads.