Control Foundation DLC Pope’s Collection Guide

Pope’s Collection is a side mission in the newly released expansion for Control. The Control Foundation DLC Pope’s Collection mission takes you through that section of the map finding and restoring ID cards to their respective places.

In this guide, we will walk you through all ID card locations along with their placing spots for completion of Pope’s Collection mission.

Control Foundation DLC Pope’s Collection

This mission is given to you by Emily Pope after she comes down to the Base Camp. She tasks you with finding 5 ID cards that belong to five different personnel that work at the site i.e. Chief Excavation Engineer, Chief Cartographer, Lead Physicist, Security Chief and Head of Research.

This mission is sort of a puzzle, as finding and placing the right card at the right place will unlock the elevator to the next area.

The cards are lying around on the map and you simply have to find them and place them at their respective desks.

Once you’ve talked to Emily and she has assigned you the mission, talk to her again to get some instruction and a key that you’ll need to unlock an elevator room which has one of the cards in it.

Card Locations
The first part is finding the cards so below are all the card locations;

Head to the Warehouse and look for three adjacent yellow-colored rooms with lights on top of their doors. The first card is in the far right room and is placed in the far right shelf inside the room.

The second card is inside the yellow bunker room that is placed on top of the ledge.

Across that bunker and the light behind it, and around the corner, you’ll find a raised platform with boxes placed around it. The third card is just beneath the table on top of the platform.

The fourth card is a bit tricky. You have to get above the location of the first card, above the rooms and onto the platform on top of them. Once on the top, you need to head rightwards towards the huge concrete tower.

There is a window in the tower high up, the goal is to get there. Use the rock ability to summon ledges out of the rock wall to get there. Once there, you’ll find the card at the foot of the bed inside the window.

The fifth card is inside the elevator room at the back of the concrete tower. It is unlocked using the key that Emily gave you. Once you unlock it, you’ll find the card right in front.

Placing the Cards
Having collected all the cards, now you have to place them at their respective slots to complete the task. All the card slots (desks) are inside this elevator room, you just have to identify which card belongs to which desk. Then you interact with the console by the desk to place the card.

Below are identifications for all the desks to place the cards at:

Security Chief
Has a radio and some video equipment on it including a film roll and a tv. It also has some fancy guns placed on top.

Chief Excavation Engineer
The desk with a pick axe and other excavation tools belong to the excavation engineer.

Lead Physicist
Has a Newton’s Cradle placed just beside a lit lamp.

Head of Research
Has a lot of books, a computer, a flag and a typewriter on it. It also has a group photo on the wall.

Senior Cartographer
The desk with some books in the corner and only a map placed under the lamp. Alos has a map on the wall above the desk.

Once all the cards have been placed in the right spots, the elevator at the center of the room will activate indicating that you have placed the cards in the right spots.

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