Control Foundation DLC Found Footage Walkthrough

Found Footage is a fairly simple side mission that begins inside the Chasm after you break a wall to enter a pitch-black cave and fall to its bottom with no escape back. This Control Foundation DLC Found Footage Walkthrough will walk you through how to find the mission and how to complete it.

The mission’s objective is to escape the cave somehow, using an Altered Item.

Control Foundation DLC Found Footage

The main objective of Found Footage in Foundation DLC is to retrieve an Altered Item from a hidden passageway in and underneath the Chasm, safely bring it outside and contain it.

Inside the Chasm, rush to the end of the area where the light and the generator are. Just behind the generator is the breakable wall that’ll allow access to Found Footage.

Once you break the wall and walk through it, you’ll get the option to accept this mission.

Once you’ve taken the mission, you’ll fall down through the entrance down into a deeper cave network. When you fall down, you’ll see a lit TV right in front with a spook sitting in front of it. That TV is the Altered Item that you’ll use as light source to make your way out of this cave network.

Control the TV to throw its light in front and make way. Head straight, through the only opening right in front of you, it’ll lead into another area with three spooks in there. Pass them and take the next opening to keep moving.

This map only has a single route with occasional side routes as well, that’ll ultimately lead to the end of the area from where you can exit. But sometimes the route is closed by breakable walls that you have to locate and break in order to proceed.

Keep moving on the track, you’ll pass a flooded area followed by a lit-up hole that you’ll have to avoid and pass to get to a generator and a closed-door at the end.

Connect the fuse box to the generator to open the door and keep moving. On the other side of the door, you’ll find another generator that you have to piece together so it turns on the light to illuminate your path.

Once the light has turned on, you have to head in the direction its facing, go up and then take the slope on the right side to go up and find another breakable wall.

This one’s blocked by 5-6 spooks but you’ll manage to get past; forcefully or avoiding them.

Move ahead and keep going till you encounter another breakable wall, with an area down below that holds a generator, breaking this will create a storm of rocks that you’ll have to fly over.

Before that, there’s a breakable wall on the right that has some collectible items in it. This entrance will open into a path that’ll have a light in there, leading into an opening area that’s also decently lit.

In there, you’ll encounter a few spooks but you have to pass them and get onto the high ground on the right side. On top, you see a rock pillar, move ahead and keep going until the exit door come on you left-hand side. After escaping the Chasm through that door, contain the TV into the vault placed ahead.

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