Control Foundation DLC Collapsed Department Ritual Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through both of the objectives of ‘The Nail’ mission in the Control DLC, ‘The Fountain’. To complete the mission, you need to finish Collapsed Department Ritual in the Foundation DLC of Control.

Control Foundation DLC Collapsed Department Ritual

Reach the Base Camp
Start of the mission by jumping down the crazy deep crater in front of you. Carefully make your way down and then jump further down through the hole in the wall there.

Above the yellow room, you’ll see a breakable point in the wall. Go through and grab the Seize Accelerator and go back. Now, fight the enemies in this area and grab the ID card from the larger yellow building with two doors. Go into the right one.

Go up the rocks on the side of the main building and you’ll find another ID card there. Now, use the go to the white beam of light and fast travel to ‘Crossroads’.

Move towards the crater in front of you and pull out rocks from the side of the wall to your right to use as platforms to get to the opening on the other side. Continue moving forward here and take care of all the enemies in your way.

Make your way into the Fractured Cavern and open the gate of the base camp by throwing a crate on the yellow thing above it. This will start the second section of this mission.

Complete the ritual in the Collapsed Department
Shoot all the red objects in this area and jump onto the platform on the other side. Pull out a rock from the wall to your right, turn around and move through the gate ahead.

Break the window above you to the right and enter this room. Enter the unlocked gate, move down the stairs, go through the door and interact with the table to your right. Now, move into the Data Entry and Filing area.

Fight all the bad guys in this location and after that, jump into the top floor and move through the gate. Make your way through the gate on the other side and enter the Evaluation Hall (open it using the button on the computers to the right).

Go up the elevator and break the orange doors on the large machines. Grab some power cores from the right and throw them in there to restore power. Now, go to the control panel and hit the button in the middle.

Now, go further down the elevator and move through the gate. You’ll have to clean up some more enemies in this area. Break the window above the gate on the other side and jump into there.

Go through the double doors in front of you in this lounge area, then go move towards the right. Go through the large gate and make your way to the other side.

Interact with the rock here and then destroy the structure after getting teleported. Now, run as fast as you can to the platform on the right as everything falls down. Doing this will complete the Collapsed Department Ritual.