Control Foundation Deep Cavern Ritual Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the objectives “Reach Research Site Gamma” and “Complete the ritual in Deep Cavern”. In order to complete the mission, you need to complete the ritual in Deep Cavern in Control Foundation DLC.

Control Foundation Deep Cavern Ritual

Once you fast travel to the Cave System, you will be tasked to Reach Research Site Gamma. Go straight ahead and shoot the container here that will be covered in a cage made of rocks.

Interact with it and go back towards the place where you spawned. You will see a cave entrance right in front of you, head inside and you will face a few enemies here, deal with them and continue forwards.

Once you reach a junction, head right and fly ahead once you reach a ledge, fly forwards and then backwards to break the cave wall. Continue ahead and go right, you will run into more enemies here, kill them by levitating rocks and the gun.

Once you’ve cleared the area, go ahead and you will have a new objective to Complete the ritual in the Deep Cavern. Shoot at the web of rocks ahead and you will clear and entrance to another cave.

Go forward and you will hear Jesse talk, after which you will reach a bigger cave. There will be a number of enemies here, clear the area. Try to fly and kite the enemies if they’re harder to kill. The black one will be harder to kill, keep throwing rocks at it and shoot at it from a distance.

Levitate past the cave and you will see another web of rocks, shoot at it to find a new entrance. Levitate across the platforms and open the crates here. Shoot through all the web of rocks that you run into, there will most likely be materials in crates over here.

On the second bridge, there will be a web of rocks, destroy it and you will get into another corridor that will have a set of computers on it. Head past to the next cave and you will run into more enemies here.

There will be a big red ball that you will need to destroy. Steer the place clear of all the enemies and shoot through the next web of rocks to get into the next cave. Go straight ahead and be wary of the geysers over here that will be blowing hot smoke since it can be very dangerous for you.

Deep Cavern
Continue forward and you will reach the Deep Cavern. Go ahead interact with the stone structure here and you will teleport to another place. There will be a big globe in front of you, break the web-like structure made up of rocks that will have supported the globe.

You will trigger a cutscene and you will be teleported to another place. Go forward and interact with the handprint on the wall.

Afterwards, head left and expand the crystals once the prompt appears on the screen. Use the newly constructed platform as a step and levitate to the next platforms. Repeat these steps as you will come across a number of expandable crystals. You will run across some enemies in yellow suits, it’s not necessary that you kill them. So just keep moving ahead and levitate through them.

You can also kill the enemies by pulling up the rock spikes. At the last platform, there will be a thin beam coming out of the ground. Interact with it to be teleported to another place. Run through this black pathway and a structure will pop up at the end of it, which will have a big light source in its face. Jesse will converse with it.

Once you’re done with the conversation, you will teleport back to the cave and your mission will be completed.

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