Control Finnish Tango Walkthrough Guide

Finnish Tango is the third-last main mission from the campaign of Control and our walkthrough guide will lead you through the mission to follow Ahti’s visions and progress through the story.

Control Finnish Tango Walkthrough

You start your mission by making your way to the Research Sector. Go up the stairs, past Darling’s office and then go to the Ashtray maze. You can not go through the maze so you have to activate the Control Point here then warp to the NSC Power Plant.

Advance to the Janitor’s office. When you arrive at the workplace you will see the Janitor is on vacation. Associate with the picture in the workplace to get shipped to the janitor’s vision.

Go forward until you find a complete bride and levitate over it. Go to the NSC Coolant Pump room until you arrive at a light switch and pull it 3x times to go to the Oceanview Motel.

Go to the reception desk and press the bell twice. Now enter the second room and turn the radios on. Again, ring the bell the third time and go do likewise in the third room.

Ring the bell again and go into the room you started with, where you are going to discover the keys. Take the keys and open the Janitor entryway only alongside the front work area. Pull the light switch 3x times and you will venture out to the Black Rock Quarry.

Head to the left door and  Stroll along with the highest point of the quarry. Use your levitation when expected to arrive at the open shelter entryways on the northside.

Slowly fall down to the elevator shaft by using your levitation so you don’t hurt yourself and you will be reaching the Restricted Area.

Access the control point in the Restricted Area and push the button. Enemies will start attacking you so fight back and wait for your train. Once your train arrives, press the button to take it to Nowhere.

Once your train stops and you enter Nowhere, walk until a cutscene with the janitor appears. With that, the janitor will be giving you the tape player by which you can go through the Ashtray Maze to mark the end of the Finnish Tango mission.