Control Fast Travel Guide

This Control Fast Travel guide will get you up to speed on how to access Control Points, how to unlock fast travel, and give you all fast travel locations in Control.

Control Fast Travel

While you will spend a lot of your time playing Control, running around the building’s corridors, trying to go about the perplexing trek to effectively make your way through Oldest House in the game, you will also be allowed to use fast travel points which are spread through the building.

These special, fast travel points will make it easier for you to travel and move from one point to another very quickly, allowing you to visit areas that you have already visited a lot more easily.

In order to use fast traveling in Control, you will need to know what Control Points really are; Control Points are specific places that players can unlock and capture.

Once the player has captured or cleansed such points, they will be allowed to check out new abilities, look at Board Countermeasures, and fast travel between these Control Points.

Now in order to fast travel, head to a Control Point that you have captured, press and hold the button prompt that should appear on the screen to interact with the point.

This will allow a menu containing various options to be popped up. The first time you will find yourself doing this will be during the first mission, “Welcome to the Oldest House”.

Locate and select any one of the points from your network of captured Control Points in that map that you have won from the Hiss. Although, Control Points that have not been corrupted only need to be claimed.

Through the course of the game, you will realize how exploration comes in very handy and rewarding for Control’s players. Keep up with exploring more corridors and areas, and capturing Control Points and thus unlocking them for fast travel, since it will make moving around a lot quicker and easier for you.

All Fast Travel Point Locations

There are a total of 29 Control Fast Travel Points, and unlocking 25 of them will reward you with an achievement trophy.

The following is a list of all the Control Fast Travel Points you can find in each region Oldest House:


  • Central Executive
  • Dead Letters
  • Mail Room


  • Ventilation
  • NSC Coolant Pumps Entrance
  • NSC Energy Converters Entrance
  • NSC Control Room
  • Atlas Chamber
  • Quarry Entrance
  • Black Rock Quarry
  • Foundation
  • NSC Power Plant Upper Level
  • NSC Coolant Pumps Upper Level
  • NSC Power Plant


  • Dimensional Research
  • Ashtray Maze
  • Parapsychology
  • Ritual Division
  • Active Threshold
  • The Pit
  • Central Research
  • Astral Exhibition


  • Logistics
  • Transit Corridor
  • Panopticon
  • Upper Panopticon
  • Ordinary AWE
  • Sealed Threshold Corridor

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