Control Directorial Override Walkthrough Guide

This Control Walkthrough Guide will include a detailed walkthrough on the third story mission “Directorial Override” of the game. The mission includes you taking on multiple tasks but mostly important fixing pumps and convertors. I know that doesn’t sound fun but the enemy action and environment around it will surely make you love even fixing pumps and convertors.

Control Directorial Override Walkthrough Guide

The first main objective is to get to the Maintenance Sector section. Get out of the board room and head straight and you will see the sign indicating Sector Elevator and the elevator to in the distance. Proceed towards it and take the elevator to the new area.

Go straight down towards the NSC Control room. You will encounter some enemies in this ventilation room. Deal with them and move towards the Janitor’s Office. Take control of the control point. Keep going towards the Janitor’s Office dealing with any enemies in the area.

Go inside the Janitor’s Office and talk to the Janitor. Go through the doors behind the Janitor and then take a left towards the stairs. Then go down on the elevator there is a control point nearby which you can take over. Go inside the open area where you’ll notice an NPC guarding the place ignore her and go through the doors on your right. Talk to Chief Arish and you’ll be given two tasks.

One is to fix the Coolant Pump and second is to fix the Energy Converters. You can do whichever task you want first it’s entirely your choice. We’ll discuss on fixing the pumps first.

Go upstairs and take control of the control point. You will see a board near you telling you the way to the NSC Coolant Pumps.

Deal with more enemies and go further into your location. Lift the battery and throw it into the electrical parts it needs to be thrown into. Fight some more enemies and proceed inside use the crate and throw it into the P-01(main room), P-02( second floor)and P-03(in the tunnels) signs on the different generators. After clearing the control point in the distance go right until you see a tube with a creature blocking it. Destroy its eyes and the blockage will clear.

Go back to the board telling you the way and go right towards the Energy Converters. Take control of the control point and deal with all the Hiss enemies. Go left to stumble upon several batteries go right and throw one of them into the empty slot then go upstairs and throw another one into another empty slot.

Both tasks are finished here now go to the NSC Control Room with the help of the board. Take control of the control point inside, clear all the enemies and go to the control point. Activate it and then go to Emily in Central Executive. You will now get clearance level 3 and the next mission will start “Old Boys’ Club”.

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