Control Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

Remedy Entertainment’s latest game is Control, which welcomes players to the Federal Bureau of Control amidst a hostile invasion by forces of unknown origins. Control is a game which will dare its players with its labyrinthian, layouts and dangerous enemies. Thankfully, our beginner tips and tricks should help you survive with ease in Control.

Control Beginner Tips and Tricks

Whilst you are moving through the building, you will encounter various foes. Most of the fights do not require you to use special techniques, even though the opponents happen to be rather unprecedented. You will be needed to make use of a variety of psychic abilities of Jesse and your weapons.

What you will find unique in Control is the protagonist’s weapon. It consists of numeral smaller elements whilst being a singular weapon. Changing the form and arrangement of these elements can be performed to switch through your weapons, while also affecting the weapons’ effects and the individual parameters.

A few stages include boss fights as well, which might force you to make use of your powers effectively.

Here are the default controls in Control:

L2 Aim
R3 Crouch/Ground Slam
Circle Evade
X Jump/Levitate
R1 Launch
D-Pad Up Map
Triangle Melee
L1 Shield
R2 Shoot
L3 Sprint
Square Use/Seize/Switch Weapon

Getting a hold of Control

Since it’s relatively hard to roam around the Oldest house when you’re newly introduced to the section. You will find the need to acquaint yourself with the new area, thus strolling through its corners might be a good idea. This might help you find some mod boxes to gather items that will help in combat. Such exploration will also help you figure out physical routes to navigate yourself around the area without the use of maps.

Weapon/Personal Mods

During the course of the game, you will come across numerous mods that are rare for both, Jesse and your weapons.
You should keep your resources saved in order to upgrade your weapons to add more mod slots or craft new weapons.

There are five levels for mods that go from I to V, once you have collected various III’s and IV’s, it is recommended that you drop the mods that are level II and below. You will also be allowed to disassemble mods that are not needed any longer. Mostly, the mods that you will search for and find out there in the wild, or earn from mission completions will turn out to be better than the ones that are crafted.

Weapons for Combat

Even though I recommend that you stay close to the base version, there are five kinds or variations of weapons in Control. Each one of these variations has its own pros and cons. At a time, you can only have two weapons to yourself.

This is how your service weapon is referred to as in its normal pistol mode. Due to its accuracy, fire rate, and its damage, this base version is reliable and is something you would want to have to yourself for most of the times.

This has a high rate of fire, effectively used in controlled bursts. Spin also has a sizeable magazine.

This is a mode that is considered as an upgrade that you unlock at control points. This is a shotgun variation that is recommended for use as a secondary weapon.

This is capable of holding up to three projectiles that are explosive and make the enemies stumble, that are caught in its blast radius.

This is a precise charged shot, that is capable of piercing and penetrating enemies or armor at a variable range.

There are also some Supernatural abilities that Jesse can perform, including levitation, Launch (telekinesis), and the power to control specific enemies.

Rotating Abilities

I would advise you to save the option of ground slam till you have only one enemy left in order to ensure your kill, since the skill consumes all of your energy meter, leaving you vulnerable besides your foe, which is obviously not a good idea with particular enemies since it can prove to be lethal or deadly.

Consider pulling up a shield of concrete or throwing debris after effectively making use of your clip and emptying it whilst your weapon recharges since there are no finite resources in the matters of combat.

Exploring in Control

Control has a lot of optional or secret areas that you will end up finding since not all of them are allowed to be accessed by players in the start. Apart from one side mission concerning mold, which will help you unlock the remaining areas; once you have accessed the sixth level access card and Levitate, you will be able to roam through and access almost everything.

The game engine of Control allows the player to encounter and move unattached objects around, destroy and drastically change the gaming environment as well. Thus you will notice how in Control, destruction of objects and the environment is deemed very important in order for the player to progress.

Some of the sectors or areas of the office are completely dominated by opponent forces, and thus it is only made possible for us to take over if we are to access these locations from specified points.

There will also be a few problems that you encounter in the game, that are to be solved using puzzles.

Red Hiss Doors
If you come across a blocked area which has red blocks of mist, go on and look around for smaller blocks to destroy. The doorway shall open up after you’ve destroyed all such blocks by shooting and wiping them clean.

Board Countermeasures
Weird tips like “Kill enemies without dying”, “Without getting hit, kill enemies using power”, “Kill enemies with this weapon” are things known as Board Countermeasures. They allow you to track up to three challenges, and they tend to appear early on. If you are one of those trophy hunters, you are going to want to complete these as soon as you can.

Knowing when to Quit
Apart from the challenging alerts that specified specific sets of enemies, a lot of side missions that occur in Control happen to be very tough. But on the bright side, these side missions can be dealt with later on in the game, or even after you are done watching the credits, you can always go back and get to work with whatever that needs cleaning.

Thus noting whichever mods will aid you in completing specific sequences, whilst you are wandering through the course of the game and completing other objectives is also a good strategy.

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