Control AWE A Dark Place Walkthrough

A Dark Place is the first mission for the Control AWE DLC. Your objective of this mission is to chase down Hartman and examine the Investigations Sector.

The following guide will walk you through the entire mission step by step helping you navigate through the areas, gain access to regions that are covered with Darkness, and take down encountered enemies.

Control AWE A Dark Place

This mission can be started by accessing the Executive Area, the quest automatically becomes available in Jesse’s Journal once enough progress is made.

As you move toward the elevator, you will find a painting of a person using a typewriter.

Once you move toward the typewriter you will notice that your objective on the top left of the screen has changed, asking you to explore the Investigations Sector.

The elevator is taken to enter the next area, the Investigations Sector.

Explore the Investigations Sector

Once in the new area, scan the whole floor. Locate and collect the Power Core to the left and exit the room through the doors.

Carry the Power Core along with you upstairs to the room indicated on your Objective Marker. Power is restored to the door on the top right of this room once the Power Core is set in place.

Open the door by accessing the buttons next to it. This door will grant access to the Control Point Area, once through, turn on the Control Point, and may your way through to the Sealed Area.

Now as you enter the area, you’ll find a cable hanging from the ceiling. Interacting three times with it will prompt a cutscene involving Alan Wake.

Oceanview Motel

Once the cutscene ends you’ll find yourself in the Ocean View Motel with an updated objective asking you to traverse the Motel.

Ring the bell on the front desk of the lobby area and head along the hallway towards room 222. Close the television in this room, move on to room 224, and turn off the radio.

Return to the vending machine by the front desk and turn it off, unlocking room 226. Enter room 226 and access the light by the desk.

Once again return to the front desk and access the hotline. Next, you must head to the second hallway and search for a room with a door having an inverted triangle.

As you unlock this door and interact with the string three times you will find yourself teleported to the Sector Office, with an updated objective to explore the Investigations Sector again.

The previously blocked access will now be cleared, continue along this path, and get to a gap.

There will be multiple paths to your right but the one with the yellow tarp must be taken to get to the Investigations Sector.

Investigations Sector

As soon as you enter this area you will be encountered by enemies, take them down, and continue toward the Control Point.

Access the Control Point to open the vault for new gear. Next head to the Filling and Processing area where you will have to face off against a swarm of enemies.

Move along to the service tunnel to find the path through the double doors surrounded by Darkness. Make use of a floodlight to get rid of the Darkness.

Enter the following room through the doors to find a yellow tarp on the walkway above. Leap up towards this walkway.

Now head inside the service tunnels, continuing along until finally reach a door to your left.

Go through and locate the Control Point. Access the control point to allow you to carry on to the next corridor and the Operations Center.

A cutscene with Alan will start as you go through the doors, after which you will have an updated objective of restoring the power.

Go downstairs, then stick to your left to locate another staircase. Once you climb up, you’ll find the Power Core inside a room here.

Carry the power along with you to the second floor and restore power.

Remove the Power Core, go to the Control Room, and place it on the socket by the back wall.

Access the switch to gain power. At this point, you will be charged by Hiss enemies, which you must eliminate and return to Active Investigations.

You will now have a new objective to turn on the lights that are necessary for beating the creature. Note that standing in darkness will drain your Ability Core.

Retrieve the Remaining Power Cores

You will now be required to take down the huge Hiss enemy. Set the Power Core in the socket of the yellow generator. Now retrieve the power core of the yellow generator and set it to the right of the stockpile.

Next, retrieve the Power Core by the yellow wall stockpile and head to the roof following the path along the well-lightened offices.

Place this Power Core on the roof generator, take the final power core and place it on the platform past the generator.

Access the switch to turn on the lights and prompt a cutscene where the Hiss makes its escape.

Take the elevator in the central room to get to the new area with the intercom. This marks the end of the first mission and the second mission can be started by interacting with the intercom.

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