Control and Alan Wake Crossover Incoming? Content Roadmap Might Be A Hint

One of the most well-regarded games that Remedy Entertainment has produced is the survival horror game Alan Wake. Unfortunately, Remedy hasn’t been able to release a sequel in years. However, a Control and Alan Wake crossover may be coming soon, according to a roadmap that Remedy released for Control’s future.

The roadmap, in addition to various other things that would be coming to Control in the near future, also included a paid expansion for last called “AWE”, with a flashlight alongside it. Seeing as “AW” can stand for “Alan Wake”, and how your best friend in that game was a flashlight, it might not be too far-fetched.

While Control and Alan Wake are different in plot, they can be considered to take place in the same universe, as Control takes place in a secret facility dedicated to studying various phenomena, while Alan Wake takes place inside such a phenomena.

“AWE” apparently stands for “Altered World Events”, which are located in a segment of Control’s setting called the Investigations Sector. Unfortunately, to see if it actually is a Control and Alan Wake crossover, we’ll have to wait until the middle of 2020, when AWE is expected to release.

Before then are various other things like a photo mode, a new game mode called “Expeditions” that appears to be some sort of challenge mode that will require players to have the best possible gear, and The Foundation, which tells the history of the Oldest House, the facility you travel through in the story of Control.

Mid 2020 is still a good ways away, but even if it’s just Alan making a small appearance in some DLC for a completely different game, it will be nice to know that Remedy hasn’t forgotten him, despite the nebulous likelihood of a sequel ever coming out.

But, while you’re waiting on the possibility of a Control and Alan Wake crossover, you can buy Control on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC now.