Control Abilities Guide – How to Upgrade, Ability Points Farming

This guide will provide you everything you need to know about abilities in Control. What they are, how you can get them and how to get ability points. This game is peculiar in its own way cause instead of guns we get to use cool supernatural abilities, who can say no to that? Each ability in control is very powerful and specific usage. So, without wasting any more time let’s get into it:

Control Abilities

We get six core abilities in Control which will be unlocked when you explore the Oldest House’s different sectors. The launch will the tool you will use the most for offense when combined with Service Weapon Forms. The other powers, however, should not be underestimated. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.

This is the ability that you will have from the beginning of the game. A psychic blast will be produced by this ability which can damage nearby enemies. The nearby environment can also be destroyed using this ability. You can upgrade melee attack overtime by purchasing upgrades because it is not that powerful from the start.

This is Control’s signature power with which you can throw nearby items at your enemies. Even if you don’t have anything to throw nearby, Jesse is gonna break off a piece of wall or floor and throw it at those enemies.

Evade allows you to dodge attacks from enemies. Jesse is able to dash in any direction using this ability. You can avoid objects thrown at you telekinetically and even rockets. You can cross gaps using quick evades in the air.

Shield ability protects Jesse from the harsh environment of Control. You will be able to block a lot of damage using this ability. Also, you can get off a difficult place using this ability as you can still move while using it. Here’s how you can get it:

After reaching Central Maintenance go past the NSC Power Plant. You will gain access to the field area by destroying the red objects that you gained during “A good defense” when you get there to complete the obstacle course under 45 seconds. Then defeat the object of power after that and you will get the shield ability.

You can convert the low health enemies to your side by using this ability and they will fight for you. However, the quantity of enemies that you can convert and the time period for which they stay under your control is very low but you can upgrade it with time.

This ability makes you fly but it’s not limited to only that. You can leap in the air using levitate and come down slowly or normally, it’s your choice. By using this ability, you can also walk new paths that are not possible without it, leap large gaps and climb at larger heights.

You can also get an eagle-eye view during combat and another pro of this ability is that it doesn’t use any energy. It is inevitable that you will get this ability because it is part of the main story. This will happen around mission 6 after you defeat Salvador, you have to interact with the Object of Power and use Levitate to finish the Astral Plane to get it.

Now we’ll discuss the way to gain ability points.

Ability Points

Ability points are a necessity if you want to get to the end and we’ll guide you to the way to gain them. These points are gainable by doing main and side missions around the Bureau. Just do any quest that pops up in your map to gain as much upgrade currency as you can.

They are used for upgrading Jesse’s abilities making them stronger but that’s not all, you’ll also get more mod slots unlocked, which are used to alter the effectiveness of Service weapons and the personal mods are used for increasing max health and energy.

You will unlock Control Points as you progress through the game, you can spend these points there. They are very prominent and act as save point as well.

Spend these points to upgrade your abilities every chance you get. You will have to upgrade 43 times which will cost you 132 of these points. Don’t worry cause you will get a lot of them when you complete missions.

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