Contrast Guide – How To Unlock All Achievements and Trophies

Contrast is a 3D and 2D hybrid platforming game making use of multiple puzzle aspects. The game sees players take charge of the detective Dawn, who can move in 3D or become a 2D silhouette to continue as a platformer. The following guide will look into every achievement and trophy available on Contrast, and how to unlock them all.

Contrast Achievements and Trophies

Collecting all 21 trophies is possible on a single playthrough of Contrast. Every trophy in the game is Bronze and you may have to respawn at a save point to earn a few of them.

Out of the 21 trophies, 10 can be found in the first act, 7 in the second, and 4 in the third.

To The Heroes Among Us

To obtain this trophy you must locate the secret Extra Life 2012 Logo.

The logo will be found inside a room on top of the Connoisseur Gentlemen’s Club.

The room can be accessed by first, turning on the phonograph found on the street.

Now you’ll be granted access to a Luminary from where you can drop down on the other side of an iron gate.

Climb up the stairs and head through the door to find a contraption on the wall, using it will grant you access to the side room.

A Carousel of Broken Dreams

Completing the first Act will earn this trophy.

A New Dimension

This trophy can be unlocked by merely shifting through dimensions for the first time.


The FIN trophy is earned only after completing the entire game.


To obtain the Groundskeeper trophy simply collect all hidden items in the game’s Act 2.

The complete guide on the locations can be found here.


Obtaining a second Luminary will unlock the Illuminated trophy. The first Luminary that you obtain is unmissable.

Just Like Harry

The Just Like Harry trophy can only be obtained only during the repair attractions.

Jump across the crocodiles in your first attempt at the Shadow Theater, however, if you fail a reload from the previous save point will be required.

No Backpack Bird Needed

The No Back Bird trophy can only be obtained only during the repair attraction on the pirate ride.

When the boat ride stops, you will have to launch a cannon, as you climb up the ramp, locate a pirate chest with a lid continuously shutting and closing. Jump inside this chest to unlock the trophy.

Not That Type Of Game!

This trophy can be obtained by searching for the door Didi unlocks for you found in between the Ghost Note Café and the Connoisseur Gentleman’s club. A neon advertisement reading ‘24n Dirty 24n’ is seen next to a door beside this gate.

Enter through this door to unlock the trophy.

Now That’s Thinking With Shadows

You can obtain this trophy by completing the Void Jump approaching the cinema on the first try.

The jump can be found between two billboards, to make it you must shadow shift, jump, and shift.

Another achievement requires you to fail this jump, so once this trophy is obtained, reload a save file and try the next one.

My God, It’s Full Of Stars

This trophy is obtained by failing to make the Void Jump discusses above.

Street Sweeper

To obtain the Street Sweeper trophy simply collect all hidden items in the game’s Act 1.

The complete guide on the locations can be found here.

The Family Life

The Family Life trophy is unlocked by analyzing Didi’s Family photos.

To do so simply access the table lamp and pictures on Didi’s outer bedroom wall. The above is done during the very start of the second Act.


To obtain the BookKeeper trophy simply collect all hidden items in the game’s Act 3.

The complete guide on the locations can be found here.

The Cyclops’ Bottle

Locate Cyclops’ Bottle to unlock this trophy.

You can find it in the Carousel area, and it is challenging to be on the lookout for.

Note you must complete this task before untying the balloon in the repair attractions. Activate the Carousel using 2 luminaries and reach its top by shadow shifting.

Use the bulb, head back to the previous platform, and towards the roof. When your objective is updated to Untangle the Balloon, head toward the Patio on the roof. The bottle will be found on top of a table.

Handy Person

Fix up three different attractions to unlock this trophy.

Note that once you exit the area without repairing these attractions, you will not be given another chance to do so.

How’d You Get In

This trophy is unlocked after the successful completion of the workshop. Make use of 2 Luminaries and get Vincenzo’s Amazing Solar machine working.

After which, shadow canon ball yourself to the balcony and set up the device at the peak of the broken stairs.

A cutscene will prompt now, once it ends, drag the lit-up cart to allow you to make use of the stairs and shadow shift. The gear tooth will be utilized to change to the opposite side of the spinning gears.

To get to the bottom floor access the rest button of the Solar Machine. Locate a janitor and shadow shift on his back to get to the balcony.

Now enter the following room, climb the stairs, and continue along. The cutscene starts after you shadow shift to your left and follow through.

Let There Be Light

Complete Lighthouse to unlock this trophy. The lighthouse can be accessed by simply shifting across the neighboring glass.

Switch the spotlight on, drag it right towards the wall, and hop on. Next Shadow shift and let go of the box inside your shadow mode. Now shift and hop back onto the spotlight.

Using this way steer the box, utilizing the spotlight. Do so till the box is accessible. Drag it on top of a pressure plate which will drop a flight of stairs, climb these stairs, and place the spotlight in such a way that it will move close to where you can use it to jump to the next platform.

Now search for another movable box and drag it towards the wall that you dropped down from. Next head to the area where you activated the light source and use the spotlight to drag the box.

Adjust the box to the right-side making use of the shadows. Position the spotlight in such a way that it can lock to tons guided pointed.

Jump and reposition the box to the very same position as when you lifted it to the next level. In this case, you will have to make use of the right wall to lift the box up and over.

Drag the box on a pressure plate. The position of the spotlight would project a shadow over the spinning beam and a few pipes.

Hop on the pipes, jump past the wall, and then shift.

Run over to the beam shadow and finally go up the ramp.

Room 529

This trophy in Contrast can be obtained as soon as you exit the Cabaret.

This Circus Is A Disaster!

As you head across the circus tent moving towards the attraction, you’ll get a pop-up for unlocking this trophy.

You Broke My Finger!

This trophy in Contrast can be obtained as soon as you exit the Cinema.

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