Contrast Collectibles Guide – Streets Sweeper, GroundsKeeper and BookKeeper

The latest puzzle platformer by Compulsion Games puts players in the boots of a young detective named Dawn. The game offers a total of 26 collectibles that can be found scattered throughout the three acts of the game.

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Contrast Collectibles

Act 1

Didi’s Drawing of Her Family
Location. Just as the game starts, you will find it in Didi’s room. In addition to this, you will also find your first Luminary here.

Kat Knight Poster
Location. It can be found on a poster in the street after you collect your first Luminary in Didi’s room.

Newspaper Article
Location. After collecting the previous collectible, head further down the street and you will find it on a table lying outside a building named, Pompeii.

Department of Child Services Notice
Location. Get to the second floor of the Ghost Note and head in a small room with a few paintings. It will follow the sequence after you use spotlight to assist your band.

Check from Johnny Fenris to Kat Knight
Location. After collecting the previous collectible, head down the stairs and make your way to a large hall. You will find a small room there right next to some boxes. Head in there and collect it!

World’s Fair Poster
Location. After the dialogue between Johnny and Venchenzo concludes, look for it on a table inside the bar.

Newspaper Article
Location. This one can be found lying on top of a coffee table in Venchenzo’s office.

Cinema Note
Location. This one can be found lying on the ticket booth of the cinema which can be accessed by destroying the weak structures on the street and jumping over them.

Prison Release
Location. After you get inside the cinema, make your way to the second floor of the cinema and collect this collectible near the large doors.

Carmine’s Debt Book
Location. After the cut-scene finishes in Excelsior Hotel, turn around and collect it on a small table near a couch.

Act 2

Picture of Johnny
Location. Soon after you start the chapter, turn around and you will get on a small desk in Didi’s room.

Eviction Notice
Location. After you get the previous collectible, head downstairs and interact with a table to trigger a cut-scene. After the cut-scene ends, you will be able to pick it up from a table.

Letter From Kat to Child Services
Location. Head opposite after getting the previous collectible to find it on a small coffee table.

Picture of Johnny’s Family
Location. Entering the circus for the first time will trigger a cut-scene. After the cut-scene ends, head towards the exit and you will find some crates nearby. You need to get behind these crates to collect the collectible along with a Luminary.

Pirate Ship Note
Location. After entering the Pirate Ship, you need to head to your left and collect it from a wall.

Pirate Ship Maintenance Book
Location. At the very end of the Pirate Ship section, you will be required to pull a switch with Didi. Just before you pull the switch, make sure to collect it lying nearby.

Act 3

Science Picture
Location. After completing the Shadow Puzzles, you will enter the Workshop area with this collectible lying near the stairs situated to your left.

Science Picture
Location. Follow the janitor’s shadow and jump off the balcony using a broom. Once in the new area, head down to find the collectible in plain sight.

Newspaper Article
Location. To collect this one, you will have to enter a room with large moving gears. Get inside this room and collect it by heading to your left.

Picture’s of Girl’s Shadow
Location. While you are in the Light House, go up from the second set of stairs and head towards your left. The collectible will be on a poster right next to a switch.

Lecture by Dr. William James
Location. After lowering the third set of stairs, get inside the room with two collectibles and a switch. Head towards your left to collect the collectible.

Newspaper Article
Location. This is really near from the location of the previous collectible. Turn around from the bend and collect it!

Picture Depicting Shadow the Descriptions
Location. After you pull the switch, you will end up standing on a ledge with the next collectible right in front of you. Pretty hard to miss!

Science Picture
Location. Just as you collect the previous collectible, ascend the stairs and turn the bend to find it to your left.

Picture Depicting Skeleton
Location. Turn right after collecting the previous collectible to collect this one.

Picture of Vincenzo and Dawn
Location. Climb the shadow of some gears to land on a ledge, once you are standing on the ledge, follow the path to the bend and collect the final collectible of the game.

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