Conduit 2 Weapons and Perks Guide

Energy, explosives, ballistic are the three classifications of Conduit 2 Weapons. Perk upgrades are used to additionally update these weapons. There are two methods for unlocking these perk upgrades; by earning XP or by simply playing the game. Below we have listed all weapons along with perks which are included in the game.

Conduit 2 Weapons and Perks

Following are the weapons included in the game according to their type.

Conduit 2 Energy Weapons

Warp Pistol: Secondary
A Warp Pistol is a semi-automatic Drudge weapon which is effective at medium range. It can carry a maximum of 144 ammo. It blasts after hitting the surface.

Deatomizer Mk4: Secondary (SP)
Deatomizer Mk4 is an energy-bases, semi-automatic rifle, which shoots blue bolts of plasma. It is effective at medium range.

Alternative Mode: Fully Automatic Mode

Strike Rifle: Primary
Strike Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle, most commonly used by the Drones. It is most effective at medium as well as long-range. It shoots Drudge bio-mass and is capable of carrying 144 ammo.

Alternative Mode: Scope

AEGIS Device: Primary
When this weapon is charged, it produces a defensive shield which blocks every hit from grenades, bullets, rockets, Melee Attacks, and Dark star Charges. It is also capable of shooting energy blasts and can carry unlimited ammo.

Alternative Mode: None

AR-C Eclipse: Primary
This weapon changes the color of the shots from green to orange then red when firing non-stop. When it is fired continuously, it becomes over-heated but it is more impactful when over-heated. It can also capable of carrying infinite ammo.

Alternative Mode: ADS

Carbonizer Mk16: Primary
Carbonizer Mk16 is an energy-based weapon which is quite heavy. It shoots beams of energy plasma which is increased in strength the longer it is used. It fires immediately with minimum damage.

Alternative Mode: Instantaneous fire

Dark Star: Primary (SP)
This weapon can open a black hole by its impactful hits which can lure nearby adversaries into it. Be sure not to be too close to the hole. It fires energy that attaches to the target.

Alternative Mode: Blackhole

Conduit 2 Explosive Weapons

TPC Launcher (Trust Power Cell Launcher)
It is an energy grenade launcher which fires blue energy bolts and can carry up to 30 ammo, TPC launcher is effective at medium range and explodes when touches anything.
Alternative Mode: Proximity Grenade.

Shrieker: Primary
It is a weapon commonly used by the Skimmers which can be deactivated, it fires bio-mass and can fire three rounds till it is heated and should be cooled down. It can carry up to 36 ammos and is more effective at large range.
Alternative Mode: Faster fire rate (deactivates targeting)

Smaw: Primary
Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon or SMAW in short is a rocket launcher consisting of an Ammunition of 80mm. It is capable of killing its target with one shot.
Alternative Mode: Scope

Conduit 2 Grenades

Frag Grenade
It’s a type of hand grenade.

Radiation grenade
Radiation grenade or the Rad grenade is a well-known explosive which releases reddish radiations when activated and causes damage to nearby objects.

Flash Grenade
This grenade flashes and intercepts with the radar of the opponent and can blind adversaries also.

Ballistic Weapons

SCAR: Primary
A Semi-Automatic, Automatic Assault Rifle equipped with a Scope.
Alternative mode: Scope

A pump-action shotgun kills adversary with a single shot at close range.
Alternative Mode: Accuracy Mode

USP45: Secondary
A handgun originated from Germany which has steady and precise handling. This weapon is effective at medium range.
Alternative Mode: ADS

MP5KA4: Secondary
A 9mm Sub-Machine Gun, helpful in violent physical confrontations
Alternative Mode: ADS

HVS45: Secondary
A Prototype weapon, armed with a scope and a laser sight. It’s effective at medium range.
Alternative Mode: ADS

Hive Cannon: Primary (SP)
An automatic Drudge weapon which shoots grenades.
Alternative Mode: A Pheromone spore, which causes each strike to hit whoever is stuck with it

Phase Rifle: Primary
A Sniper Rifle consisting of two scopes, it can fire shots through walls.
Alternative Mode: Penetration through walls

Widowmaker Turret: Primary (SP)
This weapon can easily be placed. It informs you after detecting an adversary and starts to shoot at them automatically. It indicates adversaries and teammates with red and green color respectively.


Following are the perk upgrades included in the game that may affect your weapons by enhancing them.

Primary Perks/enhancements:

Charging of weapons will take minimum duration. The total percent value is assumed to be 300%.
Following are the enhanced weapons:
Carbonizer Mk16, Warp Pistol, AR-C Eclipse, Deatomizer Mk4, Strike Rifle and AEGIS Device.

Heavy Armor
Your movement speed is decreased by 25 units and it is affected by the damage you prevent. Torso health is increases by 20%.

Explosive Focus

Explosive damage you receive is decreased whereas the blast radius of explosives is increased by 20%. Anti-Explosive health is increased by 30%. It safeguards you from your own explosives. Therefore, you don’t lose health from the damage caused by your own weapons (If you don’t update). This update also decreases the damage received via Radiation Grenade, Blinding Powder, Flash Grenades and HVS45. HVS45’s explosion range is increased but with only 0.005 meters radius. Following are the enhanced weapons: Shrieker, Radiation Grenade, Deatomizer Mk4, Warp Pistol, Frag Grenade, Hive Cannon, Flash Grenade, and TPC Launcher.

Ballistic Focus
The damage caused by bullets etc. is increased by an additional 17%. Following are the enhanced weapons: Phase Rifle, MP5KA4, SCAR, USP45, SPAS 12, Hive Cannon, HVS45, Widowmaker Turret

Energy Focus
Damage caused by energy-based weapons is increased by an additional 16%. Following are the enhanced weapons: TPC Launcher, Deatomizer Mk4, Warp Pistol, Shrieker, Strike Rifle, Carbonizer Mk16, AR-C Eclipse, AEGIS Device (Bullet only), Dark Star.

Reverse Damage
Adversaries are affected by Radiation grenades however; you allies are recovered by it (50 Medic medals are needed). Mending does not affect by increasing the recovery process from Reverse Damage. Energy damage enhancing upgrades increase the speed of Health regeneration (which also includes Damage Control Point). The renouncing of Extra Radiation Grenade does not occur by using “Switch Loadout” button in the online pause menu. It is termed as “Armory Bypass” however, it works with Reverse Damage with ease.

Ammo Salvage
You are provided with a clip of ammunition magazine for all weapons and can also receive grenades, upon killing an adversary. However, you may only get a single clip for one of your weapons and grenades

Essence Salvage
Your health is increased, upon killing an adversary. When you’re in a crouching position, the Recovery rate from Essence salvage is increased by Mending.

Widowmaker Specialization
The turrets begin to shoot the objectives consequently yet you can presently use it manually

Phase Rifle Specialization
Phase Rifle damage is increased. The base damage is also increased to 120. However, you will appear on every adversary radar.

Aegis Device Specialization
Shots will be stopped even after the most maximum mass has been gathered. However, it additionally does not gather mass. Instead it removes everything usually caught by it. The maximum mass is increased to 101 in place of 100.

You are not visible to the turrets on the radar unless you go manual and you can’t be phase tuned by phase rifles (50 Backstab Medals are needed to unlock this). On online multiplayer and Updated Split-Screen games It only functions when you don’t run at full speed not jump

You are given the opportunity to choose two primary weapons without keeping Armory on, but it does not work offline. The renouncing of this effect does not occur by using “Switch Loadout” button in the online pause menu. It is termed as “Armory Bypass” for bypassing Armory upgrade.

Secondary Upgrades/Perks A:

Ammo Belt
Each weapon is given two additional Magazines. It provides you with 2 additional clips to increase ammo. In order to select the 2 additional clips once again, you’ll have to shift back to another loadout. The renouncing of this effect does not occur by using “Switch Loadout” button in the online pause menu. It is termed as “Armory Bypass”, it still functions with Ammo belts.

While in motion, the precision of the weapon is upgraded. However, this upgrade is deactivated temporarily by Flash Grenades in Online Multiplayer and verification id required. It does not have any influence upon Warp Pistol (charge), AEGIS Device (neither function), Deatomizer Mk4 (charge), or SPAS 12.

Metal Legs
Infinite Sprint. It does not decrease fall damage. Nor the damage received at the leg.

While in motion, your precision is affected but the amount is not known and headshots have a minimum influence on you (25 Headshot medals needed to unlock). 81% of head health is added.

Bomb Bag
Additional grenade is received upon reviving, when reviver or revive have Field Medicine. The renouncing of this effect does not occur by using “Switch Loadout” button in the online pause menu. It is termed as “Armory Bypass”, it still functions with Bomb Bag.

Phase Rifle Penetration
The range through objects that Phase Rifle is capable of tuning in on an objective is increased by 20m not 10m.

Secondary Upgrades/Perks B:

Shifting and reloading of weapons is rapid. Assuming it takes half the actual required because the precise amount in not known.

Base movement speed is increased by 25 units (25 Flag Runner Medals needed to unlock).

Field Medicine
You along with other people can recover each other rapidly (25 Medic Medals needed to unlock). Grenade is received by those revived players who carry a Bomb bag and in online multiplayer games, an ammo clip is received by those players who are revived.

Blinding Powder
The target is dazed by Melle attack (50 Lights Out Medals are needed to unlock). In online multiplayer games the player along with the adversaries are blind by upgrades.

While in a crouched position your recovering process is increased by 100%, takes half the actual time to recover. Health regeneration is increased with Essence Salvage and not from Reverse Damage.

Secondary Upgrades/Perks C:

Light Armor
You are able to withstand further damage. Torso health Increases by +10.

Improved Melee
Melee range is increased. Roughly calculated amount was between 1.5-2.0m (1.8m).

Improved Explosives
Increases the radius of blast weaponry by 10% range. The enhanced weaponry is similar to Explosive Focus.

Improved Ballistics Damage
Increases the damage of ballistic class weapons by 9%. The enhanced weaponry is similar to Ballistic Focus.

Energy Damage
Increases the damage of energy class weapons by 8%. The enhanced weaponry is similar to Energy Focus.

Phase Rifle Tuning
Adversaries are not notified when face targeted (50 Uber Snipers needed to unlock).

This was the Conduit 2 Weapons and Perks Guide if you think we missed some special weapons or perks then feel free to use the comment section to share your thoughts.

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