Conduit 2 Walkthrough

Conduit 2 builds upon the success of the original game and takes the players to the next level of engagement in an epic quest to save the world from an alien onslaught. You can fight-it-out in singleplayer, online-offline co-op and multiplayer battles. We have prepared a detailed Conduit 2 walkthrough to help you save humanity.

Conduit 2 takes the arsenal of the original game to a whole new level by introducing more advanced and powerful weapons players.

Players can expect engaging combat in a huge dynamic world with rich environments, cinematic battles, and boss fights. Added to all that are customization features that really provide more interesting ways to play the game.

If you are looking for full assistance in completing the singleplayer mode of the game, you should follow through the instructions in this walkthrough.

Conduit 2 Walkthrough

Trust Platform

After you are done with the cutscene,you will find yourself on a helipad.Check out the letters’Helipad’ on the blue wall.Just take the stairs or jump down and take out the worker with your pistol before he see you.

You’ll come across a hackable object on the door when you reach the gate. Open the door once you take out the ASE. Now walk with the ledges and take out the workers ahead you. Go through the path around the catwalks leading towards the stairs. Shoot the barrel to cause an explosion and take out the two armed guys with submachine guns.Grab the machine gun and take the stairs.

Just wait in front of the door ahead of you until it opens and a dialogue will start between the the hero and the nemesis Adams. Break the glass by shooting it as the chamber you are in will start getting filled with poisonous gas. Get out of the room and into safety.

Use the ASE and scan the yellow glowing objects for extra points that would help in purchasing weapons and upgrades. Leave through the door and turn right with two soldiers in the room. Whip them out and go left at the back to find another soldier and two workers. Clear the room and you’ll see three paned window having a hackable object beneath the glass. Hack it and continue ahead through the opened door on the left.

Head outside and three guys will be waiting to take you out.You can use the crates as cover and take them down.Find the unlocked door by heading through the stairs at the back of the walkway along the wall. Enter the door and kill the guy before going to the hall. Another guard will be waiting for you at the right side taking cover. Follow the pointer labeled ‘Captain’s Quarters’in the room through the door.

You will be attacked by two soldiers with energy weapons.You can enter the Captain’s Quarters if you like or else go through the stairs that are marked with an ammo crate at the base.

Use the ammo crates to refill your ammo and inside the Officer’s cabin are three guards.Get them out of your way and follow the labels towards ‘Crew Berthing’.Outside,move left up the stairs and take out the soldier.

A soldier will come out of another stairwell on the opposite side once you turn around and go back down the stairs.Go through the stairs the soldier came from and you’ll see three soldiers shooting at a Leviathan. Kill those soldiers and look out into the hole in the room for something cool.

Continue forward through the green door to the right and turn right again to face a soldier waiting behind cover.Follow down the stairs by using the door opposite to the entrance of the room.

Move to the right to enter the new room and a guard will be waiting behind the table.There is a soldier and a worker inside the cafeteria,engage them until more units arrive.Take cover and down expose too much.

You can use grenades and refill them at ammo crates.After clearing them out,head deep inside the cafeteria and pick up the shotgon for some firepower.

Head to the back towards the kitchen counter inside the wrecked cafeteria.Use the switch and go back the way you came. Some guards will ambush you so take cover and teach them a lesson. Continue towards the stairs which are locked,go to the right side of the stairs
for a door which is open.

Continue inside through the green door.Two workers will be waiting inside,get ride of them and use the door near the ammo crate on the right.You’ll see three soldiers fighting with the Leviathen down the stairs.

The big problem here is the armored soldier with the shotgun.Target his head and use grenades to take him out. Get over with it and go across the catwalk up the stairs. A worker will give you a suprise once you are through the door. Go right and sprint through the fire down the hallway.Three soldiers will again ambush you inside the engine room.Use cover and fight them one by one. Blow them off and follow the computers towards the green door.

You can use the ladder that leads to the armory.Clear the three guards who are unaware and pull the switch to the right of the ladder that you came from.Go through the green door and soldiers will be standing behind the glowing surface to the left. Just follow the room on the right and take out the worker,find the green door to the left of where you saw the worker.

Go down the ladder in the back follow the path left through plastic traps. Now jump on the elevator beyond the plastic after taking down the workers that are trying to stop you. Use the markers that are pointing towards a generator and you’ll find yourself in a large room. Just stay near the entrance and take everyone out in the room.Follow the left catwalk up and around the high landing at the back end of the generator room.

The generator will arc electricity in the room so wait for the right moment and then move ahead.Pull the switch by moving through the rows of computers. Jump down to the floor by returning to the catwalks and find the green lit door. Get outside and go right,get inside the firt green door you see to the right.

Get rid of the guard and go down the stairs.Grab some ammo behind the stairs and use the arrow guide to reach the Machine Bay.Blast the barrels and move alongside the glass structure. Keep on following it until you find a narrow path. Duck under the pipes to reach the other side of the bay. Get inside the room and head right,use the dark passage to reach towards a ladder.

You’ll reach a navigation room by using the ladder.Take out the three workers standing and use the green door to the left.Enter the room and on your right use another green door to get outisde. Move to the left ignoring the stairs and go towards the crane through the open gate.


In this next part check out the soldier near the crane and the other too standing near the switch. Clear them out and pull the switch.You need to get ready for a boss fight.The Leviathan will start attacking you with a beam of energy at you.Stay in cover and avoid the glowing energy to be on the safe side.

The boss will appear on the platform and try to destroy the three generator which you need to stop at all cost. Use one of the turret and stop the Leciathan from blowing up the generators by shooting at the yellow glowing spines. Once you destroy one of the spines,the Leviathan will retreat so try to follow it and shoot it from any angle.

After destroying all the six spines you will enter a next level in the battle. This time,the mouth will glow yellow powering up.Stop it by shooting with the turret and make sure that the turret does not overheat.The turret will change form into harpoon guns.

Try aiming at the neck of the Leviathan and you’ll get success somehow.Once you hit the Leviathan with one harpoon gun, un-mount and take a different turret to fire another shot at the neck.After doing that,the enemy will eventually be defeated.


You’ll find yourself walking up in the atlantis after the rough boss fight. Reach the door to your right by following the ram and moving to the left until you reach it. Robots named ‘Fixers’ will attack you,take them down with a melee attack or a few shots. Go through the door and kill some more fixers,exit to the next room.

When you reach the next chamber,more fixers will run down the ramp to attack you so take them out. You can use melee attacks to save ammo. Move on the catwalk and new enemy will attack you named ‘Sentries’. These are flying robots that will shoot at you,kill them quickly. Jump down after entering the vertical chamber.

More fixers will head towards you,take the same ramp to climb up and reach the bridge. Two more fixers will attack from above. Take them down cross the bridge. Move up the ramp on the left to find an ammo crate,turn around taking the right ramp up.

Once you are through the door,more fixers will come so clear them out and head to the end of hallway with another door that is leading to a horizontal chamber. As the door opens,fixers will charge at you kill them and use the ammo crate inside.

Now jump onto the fixture against the right wall of the chamber and a spinning disk will rotate around with a hole just large enough for you to squeeze through.Just wait for the right moment and go through the hole. Shoot the crystal to deactivate the shield blocking the path on the other side.

Once you destroy the shield,fixers will attack you in groups. Take out a few and run up to the left side of the spinning fixture and move onto the ramp in the center. Now wait for the opening to set in postion and crawl through and enter the doors ahead.Use your ASE to hack the console and jump on the floating platform to your left. Get inside the door in the center of the chamber but first finish off the sentries.

Fixers will attack you at the large hallway sloping downward.Kill them and walk down ignoring the door to the left at the bottom. Head forward to reach a glowing area,use ASE to hack the console and step into the blue pedestal in the center. Move to the right and walk towards the door above.The stairs will rise as you cross the water.You can use the ASE to hack the pod holding Andromeda inside the command center.

You will see a large conduit behind the Andromeda’s pod.When you move towards it, a cutscene will trigger. Once the cutscene is over, jump into the conduit to progress in the game.

Washington D.C

You will find yourself in a bunker now, move forward and go to the right to find a vent at the top of some debris. Go into the vent by crawling up on the debris and a Drudge bug monster will attack you in the vent so finish it off.

Jump down and take out the other Drudge,destroy the strange pod that you see in front of you which will keep on spawning Drudge bugs for you so it should be taken care of. Open the brown door and kill the bugs that attack you.Now bypass the gas rupture by moving to the next room.

Once you move to the left, you will be fired by some Drudge soldiers. These creatures are equipped with Strike Rifles so make them pay and move up the slope into the destroyed office building. Blow up the barrel to kill the soldier waiting near it.

Drudge soldiers will be taking cover for you in the bombed out building, Take them out with the Strike Rifle and step onto the wooden boards set up like bridges to your right. Take down the soldier waiting behind a destroyed wall on the left. Get in the doorway by using the wooden planks as a guide and find a staircase by turning left. Go through the hallway up the stairs until you come in contact with a Drudge soldier.

Get ready, once you notice a doorway to your right and a path left where a wall has been knocked down a bunch of soldiers will attack you from all directions. Use grenades if you are in a tough situation, you will find a new weapon the Hive Cannon after killing all the soldiers. It’s a nice weapon to use,so keep it with you.

Get back to the room,bugs will be spawning in the area from a pod located upstairs. Climb up the fallen ceiling and take out the soldiers hiding. Go to the room on the right around a destroyed wall and continue to the door forward but refill your ammo from the crate. Go into the hall and move left to exit into the interior of the destroyed building. Make use of the narrow floor to circle around the next room but first take care of the soldiers firing at you.

Using the floor which is partially fallen,move along the left wall and interact with the desk to push it over. You’ll see an armored soldier holding the Hive Cannon. Use everything you got to take him down and follow the walls right through the blasted wall. Go through the hole into the adjacent building and turn left.

Enter the room,take out the Drudge bug but more enemies will be waiting in a chamber ahead of you to the left. Use cover and kill them all. Get to the door on the right wall of the hallway and use the rubble as a ramp to the next floor by taking out the soldier first. Go left and down the hallway entering the room to the right. Wait for the bombs to go off and clean up the room with monsters.

Using the floor as a ramp go down and another Soldier will be waiting for you. Use any types of grenades and get rid of that guy. Jump out the smashed open wall onto the streets and follow the streets until you see a Trust soldier being killed by a Drudge soldier. Go down the alley but first shoot the guy that is alive.

More enemies will be waiting around the corner,make them pay. Three Drudge soldiers will jump in front of you out in the streets. Use cover and take care of them,then move forward and look left for a path through the destruction.

More Drudge soldiers will be in a shoot-out with Trust soldiers. Clear them out and jump into the broken window at the entrance of the alley and go down the passage. You can come out into a courtyard through the destroyed building,turn left to see some trust soldiers.

Take them out and get equipped with the new weapon SCAR. The assault rifle is powerful and useful for the rest of the game. Kill the sniper standing in a window around the back center of the courtyard with SCAR.

A soldier will shoot at you below the sniper’s perch; and more soldiers will come out of the building. You can explosive barrels for some easy kills. Enter the building through the arched stone entrance to the left of the huge metal doors once the courtyard is clear.

Take the stairs in the rubble and the Trust soldiers waiting inside. An armored guy will charged at you so use the ammo crate and go left with the hallway. More soldiers will enter,hit them hard and continue on. A pair of Trust soldiers will ambush ahead of you so take them down.Go left and kill the soldiers at long range.

Make your way through the destroyed walkway and finish off the remaining soldiers inside the opposite building. At the end of the hall, hack the console and large metal doors will open. Go back to the walkway that you used to get inside this building and Trust soldiers will attack you with more inside the building. Jump down and go to the green metal door closing off the road.

Get inside the mobile command center and use grenades to take out the enemies. Once you hack the console,the large metal doors will open out into another disastrous block. Before continuing,take out the sniper. Shoot the cars to easily kill the Trust soldiers. Shoot more soldiers before entering the destroyed building. Move past the cubicles and search for a well-lit hallway. Go inside for a cut-scene.

Crawl inside the vent until you drop out into another dark room filled with cubicles. Go right and look outside the windows to see three unaware snipers. By using the assault rifle,shoot the explosive barrels and another Trust soldier is waiting inside near the windows. Kill him before heading outside.

More soldiers are waiting so aim for the cars and kill the rest.Jump down and take cover more Trust soldiers enter. Take them down before moving forward. Check the sniper waiting in the center window of the building at the opposite side. Bombs will drop and more troopers will rush onto the streets.

Make sure you clear the streets.More Trust troops are waiting behind the building’s walls. Kill them all before entering. Look out for the soldiers at the right side of the destroyed interior. You will find a basement door when you jump down. Get inside and look left to take out some soldiers.

Near the piled up cabinets, Drudge bugs will attack you. Move down the hall through a doorway and to find another pile of rubble leading up. Bugs will be spawning from the pods so finish both of them before running up the ramp.

An armored Trust trooper will attack so get back.Through the destroyed wall are sand bag shelters crawling with Trust soldiers.Take them out and head left towards the rubble on the opposite end of the street. A soldier will attack when you get near the ammo crate. Kill him and move around the bend. Trust soldiers will be fighting a group of Drudge, you can wait for them to finish but take out the armored guy.

There is a wrecked subway train across the courtyard which is your destination.Move ahead and three Drudge soldiers will attack. Clear them out and jump into the subway tunnels through the wrecked train. At the end of the wrecked train, a group of Drudge bugs will attack. You can jump onto the subway platform off the tracks but more Drudge bugs will attack.

Use the Hive Cannon to whip them out.Now jump onto the metallic vines and spiral upwards and use it as a bridge to cross the rubble. More Drudge bugs will attack so finish them.

At the top watch for the pods lining the back wall of the subway platform, look for two glowing red lights. Before heading forward first shoot between the red lights and try to destroy all the pods. Now follow the vines down and back to the tracks,more bugs will attack in groups. Head down the tracks and look to the right.

Two pods each spawning bugs along the ride concrete wall of the tunnel. Clean them up and enter the first door on the left wall off the tunnel. More bugs will attack from spawn points around the room,destroy all the pods and head forward.

A cutscene will appear before being assaulted by bugs. Go left and immediately destroy the first pod across the room, follow the right wall and head to the opposite end of the room to destroy another pod. After destroying the two,take out the bugs and destroy all four pods. Go towards the back left corner to find an entrance into a broken vent.

Get through it and restock ammo moving towards the door. As the door opens,a fire alarm sounds and bugs will be alerted. Go up the stairs shooting down the bugs that come in your path. Destroy both pods spawning bugs upstairs.

Go back to the ground floor and enter the destroyed subway train. Crawl through one of the back windows and get out through the door in the back. Go left in the dark tunnel to see sunlight,move forward and the train car will burst into flames rolling towards you. You can stay on the sides to avoid it and face the armored Trust soldiers.

When you come out to the National Mall it will be swarming with Trust soldiers hiding to the left and right. When you’re done with them, use the ASE on the bomb and a timer will activate.

Shoot the soldiers that dropped down and stay away from the nuke. Bombs will drop near the nuke, so stay away. Take out the more incoming soldiers and the next bombs will fall in the center of the mall with troops dropping. Clear the soldiers but stay close to the nuke.

The nuke timer will have only a few seconds once they are down. Run towards it and use the ASE to disarm it and the National Institute is open. Get in through the front door and Trust soldiers will be hiding for you. Go right as you enter the arches and take out the snipers waiting on a balcony center back of the Institute showroom.

After clearing them out head forward and shoot the Trust soldiers. Head left at the corner to face more of Trust goons. More soldiers are waiting behind cover in the next room. Scan the tomb with your ASE after taking care of those enemies. Go head down the stairs and scan everything. Let the parties fight and go towards the Mayan Calendar, a conduit will open.Jump inside and the mission will end.

Atlantis 2

You are back in Atlantis once again,move towards your lady friend standing at the console for new directions. Use the ramp up after leaving through the door opposite to the conduit. Reach the pool of water and walk over the bridge then go right. Fixers will attack, so fix their problem and continue.

Use the left platform by following the advise given to you. More enemies will attack but you can avoid the fixers by jumping onto the platform and deal with the rest. Take the door on the upper balcony and use the ammo crate if you need to and continue into the next room. A cutscene will introduce a new enemy, large robots that shoot lasers from their eyes.

These enemies are not too hard to kill. Go back into the previous chamber with the ammo crate and take cover. The laser is explosive which might hurt you.Just keep shooting it and it will be defeated. Some sentries will appear beyond the door against the right wall. Take them down before hopping onto the bridge.

Refill at the ammo crate and go back into the water filled area.You can search for the section of balcony marked with yellow runes,go left as you head inside. Move forward to activate floating stones to create a path. Turn right once you’re near the balcony set against the right wall. Carefully follow where the bridge changes direction.

Go through the door, follow the ramp up and to another door. Restock by the ammo crate,open the door and go right, this room is mostly constructed from glowing blue barriers. You’ll have to navigate the bridge which is a bit difficult.

Shoot the robot and take cover. Also kill the sleeping robot and the sentries that pop up to shoot at you. Check out the blue ramp opposite your position where a robot is crouching.

Take out the robot and move across the techno-bridge. Go right, a right, and a left to cross the bridge safely. Climb the raised platform, and go into the open tube. Fixers will attack you,continue into the tunnel till you get into the engine room.

Just like in the first Atlantis mission before,wait for the right moment to cross the gear and stay in the tube. Take out the dormant big robots in the pools of water below and destroy both robots before jumping down.

After all the enemies are defeated just step onto the spinning gear and hop down onto the platform to your right. Use the platform to another spinning gear and cross it. Move towards another spinning gear and follow the catwalk along the wall til you find a hackable console. You can hack it with the ASE, and leave through the blue door forward.

You’ll return to the docking bay so follow the ramp down to the door and go left to return to the control center with Andromeda. Have a chat with Andromeda and use the coordinates console and choose “China”.You can now enter the conduit for the next mission in China.


Take a look at the Trust drop ships entering the area and head right and walk down the canyon pass. Now jump down into a area to be attacked by a Trust soldier carrying a new gun. Take out the invisible commando standing before going further. More Trust soldiers will attack so stay in cover then head forward.

Go left and take the steps to enter the ruined courtyard. Soldiers will be hiding behind cover and one of them is carry another new gun The shrieker. It is a bio weapon and is mostly carried by another new enemies in the game. Get to the entrance hallway by using the steps.Descend a set of stairs,move to the right and follow the stone passage.

Reach a cliff and jump down into the stone canyon. A flying Drudge will attack using a shrieker so take it out then deal with the sniper. More soldiers will line the canyon behind cover. Play carefully and hold up.You can use the assualt rifle in this situation. Check for a Trust mobile command center located near the entrance to your left and an open conduit next to it.

An invisible commando will fire from the roof.One of the Trust soldiers will also carry another new weapon the warp pistol. It fires a ball of energy that moves slower but it more powerful. More Trust soldiers will come out of the conduit. Get rid of them and enter the RV for yet another new weapon near the ammo crate inside. The AR-C Eclipse is an energy rifle which fires accurate energy bullets and also provides invisibility.

Get out of the RV and clear the area. You need to make your way towards the entrance of the fortress which is marked by a glowing blue turret attached to the ceiling. These auto-turrets are deadly so use the AR-C Eclipse to turn invisible to pass by the turret.Follow the hallway entrance and make use of invisibility to pass the next two turrets.Reach the balcony through a green door.

Clear the soldiers that attack you and sprint to the right into a narrow path.You’ll reach a grand staircase. Different types of soldiers will attack from behind cover down the way. Take them down before heading forward. A sniper will be waiting on a tower to the left at back of the chamber, Kill the sniper.

Cross the raised stone bridge. A new enemy jade Golem will attack,the SCAR is effective weapon for them. Trust soldiers will attack down the grand staircase. Take cover and kill them one by one. Once the soldiers are defeated,another jade Golem will attack you. You need to keep your distance and shoot it.The door ahead of you will open.

Reach the second door until you enter a courtyard.Trust soldiers will attack with a wide arsenal of weapons,clear them out and enter each of the four chambers and scan an elemental rune before moving on. Take the door left from the entrance and continue in clockwise direction.

Go through the twisting entrance hallway,head down the steps to reach a platform where the first elemental rune is located. Fight the Trust soldiers surrounding the rune and use the ASE to scan it. The exit doors will lock and jade golems will attack.

Kill all the golems and the doors will open.Go back to the central chamber that links the four elemental rune doors together and face the Trust reinforcements. Head clockwise and enter the door that is second left from the original entrance.

Follow the passage into a room where Trust soldiers are in a fight with jade Golems. Take them out and find the rune against the back wall downstairs.Trust soldiers will ambush from above so take cover. Once the troops are finished head back to the central chamber.

The new weapon TPC-Launcher is an automatic energy grenade launcher. In the next rune room scan the rune and fight off the jade golems. Go back again where you’ll face a large group of Trust soldiers waiting on the balcony above. Get inside the final rune chamber and you’ll face more Trust soldiers.

First take out the soldier holding a machine gun then take the remaining Trust goons. You can scan the rune on the second floor and more Trust soldiers will rush so kill the incoming soldiers. Run across the platform and to the end of the room,take them out near the stairs. Kill the invisible commando on the opposite balcony and get back to the central chamber with all four runes scanned.

Get inside the door that is finally open,Go up then down steps towards a walkway. Take the stairs down but the final section of stairs is broken so you need to run and jump. You will get The Phase Rifle as a reward which is a sniper rifle, so aim and kill the bad guys taking cover.

Look at the cliff to see four Trust soldiers hiding behind four large pillars.When all are gone then follow the narrow passage down and onto the fortress steps. As you jump down, enemies will come out of the conduit against the cliff. Run and take cover and grab the rocket launcher to take care of the armored guys.

Three waves of enemies will pour out of the conduit so keep on fighting until all are down.Get inside the fortress once all enemies are cleared out then scan all four rune pedestals.

After scanning all four,the door into Li’s inner chamber will open.Follow your waypoint inside to face Li. Take a SCAR and a rocket launcher for ease in fight.


You are about to face the most difficult boss in the game so you need to be completely prepared. After the short cutscene move around to find an inactive conduit. You will find two ammo crates on the left and the right,grab all the ammo that you can.

Li will teleport throughout the room and has two attacks,by stamping on the ground for large damage and throwing energy balls that explode on contact.In the initial part of the fight, he’ll fall to the ground and begin to grow after the charged attack.

This is the best chance for you to deal as much damage as you can.In the second part of the fight, Li will teleport and throw energy balls. He’ll create a vortex to pull you into melee range so sprint away and he will fall to the ground and begin to grow.

You’ll get another chance to deal some damage and enter in the final part of the battle.Li will start by summoning a jade golem as reinforcement. Kill the jade golem and Li will throw fireballs then use his vortex so take out the rocket launcher and aim carefully. Shoot near his center mass to finish Li off.Scan his body with ASE and activate the conduit.

Siberia Crash

Choose “Siberia Crash”. Return to the conduit and you’re on your way.Get inside the cave and destroy the wall of ice. Go outside to watch a transport crash,your objective here is to investigate the crash.When you follow the passage towards the rocks Trust soldiers will engage you. Take them down first before moving on.

You’ll be attacked by robot dogs as you continue so take them out. Go down the hill and you will face more Trust soldiers. Two more robot dogs will attack once you are in the stone canyon. Get rid of them and enter the cave entrance marked by your waypoint.

After the cutscene, go up the ramp and out of the cave. Jump down the slope and a sniper with a swarm of Trust soldiers is waiting for you.Pick them off and an armored trooper carrying the energy launcher will come your way.

Shoot his head for an easy kill then follow the road up the slope.Go to the small bunker on the right containing an ammo crate and a new weapon. The Widowmaker turret is a cool weapon to use. Go back down the road and look for a red generator on the road. Head right to find a path leading behind the AA Bunker.

Find the ladder then climb it and jump down into the control room.Shut down the cannon by hacking the console and open the doors ahead. When you head outside, Trust soldiers will close on your position. When you’re down,get outside through the door and look left on the road.

More Trust soldiers and robot dogs will attack inside the tunnel. Head back into the tunnel and take care of the rest. Go left and enter the snow cave to come out on a narrow path next to the bottomless pit. Move towards the AA Bunker.

Climb onto the roof with the ladder and jump into the Bunker itself. Kill the guard and hack the console with ASE. Go down the ramp and go left to find a door leading into a bunker cut into the rock wall. Use the ASE to hack the console.

Trust soldiers will ambush you from both doors after a short chat. You can use grenades to take care of some of the soldiers. Head out and take down the remaining Trust Soldiers while heading towards the waypoint to the crashed ship. A ship will drop by and take you to your goal ‘the Siberian prison’.


Use the ramps up and through the door,hopping down onto the cliff side path. Navigate the passage and take out the Trust soldier,then move up the sloping path up. Shoot the soldier ahead and jump down onto a small ledge under the bunker. Crawl into the tube but the vents will be spraying flames.

Wait for the right moment before crawling by. Get out of the tube and into an armory. Take out the worker and leave through the green door into the hall is a security camera. Don’t get caught by the cameras or a robot dog will spawn but you can also destroy the camera.

Inside the hall head left and use the door forward. Take cover engage Trust soldiers inside the room.Hack the console by following the ramps up. Large metal doors will open letting in robot dogs and Trust soldiers. Clear them out and go through the doors to reach a helipad platform.
Four Trust soldiers will fast rope down onto the platform.

Get rid of them and Step out onto the platform. Head left and follow the path up. Enter the large doors by jumping on the balcony. Turn left into an ice cave and take out the workers. Now hack the generator with the ASE. Move around until you reach the orange shield blocking the hall.

Clear out the Trust soldiers and shoot the camera above the doorway. Enter the elevator and ride it down through the door. Go through the hallway and open the door then shoot the camera across the room. Take out the camera directly above before entering the room.

Clear out the bad guys and go to the next hallway then destroy both cameras above the entrance and leave. Take out the soldier and head forward. Hack the console,enter the door and to the large vertical chamber.

Use cover to hide as Trust soldiers fast rope into the room.Get onto the lift to reach the second level. Shoot the dogs and soldiers while trying to escape being stuck between the two groups. Get to the next lift to reach the third floor where more enemies will get ready to attack. Step onto another lift and reach the fourth floor.

Reach an open door by following the walkway around. Sprint through the halls to reach your destination. Take down the workers and hack the console,hack the tube as well. Three robot dogs will rush inside as the door opens. Shoot your way through them and use the lift down to the third floor to find an unlocked door.

Destroy the camera through the door and use the ramp on the left but there’s another camera so take care of it first and turn left again. Head right into another chamber where cyborgs are waiting are waiting for you,so kill them and go through another door and take out the soldier on the balcony.

Use the large metal doors and head down the hall into the door and go left.There is a console which you need to hack on the right side of the metal doors. More Trust soldiers waiting on the other side so pick them off and get inside the door on the left side of the room to find a Drudge.

Hack the refueling device nearby the transport to activate another ambush. A timer will appear and reinforcements will head your way in until the timer turns out. You’ll see soldiers entering through the one door into the hangar. Multiple enemies will head towards you including snipers so sprint to either the left or right side of the flier and take cover.

Take down the soldiers near you and then both of snipers, just wait for the time to run out and shoot the fast roping soldier as he comes down. As the timer runs out the mission will be completed.

Siberia Escape

In this part of the game you are armed with a machine gun having infinite ammo but make it sure you don’t let the gun overheat. You can also activate a shield that absorbs damage. A HAVOC Gunship is on your tail so aim for the engines on the left and right wings that glow bright red.

It will fire missile but you just keep on shooting. The Gunship will fly out of your sight and cyborgs having jetpacks will attack. Take them down and the Gunship will return.Keep on shooting the engines,if one engine goes black then focus on the other one. You will be attacked by jetpack troops before the Gunship returns again.

Just keep shooting til the last engine breaks then fight with more dudes to finally find a weak spot on the gunship i.e a red vent above the cockpit. Deal some damage to the Gunship,you can activate your shields if the missiles are irritating you.

Aim for the vent and shoot it as much as you can without overheating the gun,shoot down the missiles quickly,and you will be victorious.

Lost City

Over here you’ll be taken directly to South America from Siberia.Take out the sniper with a long range weapon if you have.Trust soldiers will be patrolling around the area, many of them near some explosive barrels.

Equip the rocket launcher and get inside a cave bypassing the stone wall to your right.Shut down the forcefield by hacking the console.Two Trust soldiers will come into view at the exit of the cave. Snipers will be waiting in these ruins. Crawl along the right wall and look to the left to spot the sniper.

The other sniper is waiting in a camouflaged alcove to the right.You can use stun grenades to take him out.As you move forward is a cave with a stone platform. An armored Drudge with a Hive Cannon will be waiting for you.Take him out with the rocket launcher.

More Trust soldiers are in the area,so stay in cover and pick them off one by one. You’ll find a crate and some workers to the left of the platform. kill them and scan the corpse.The waypoint will point to a conduit and your exit. Go back through the cave and follow the left passage. Armored Trust soldiers and Drudge are waiting on the hill ahead. Take them out with the launcher.

Head back to the hill that leads to the conduit, a sniper is shall be waiting. Shoot him down and climb up the ladder onto the scaffolding that holds the conduit. Turn it on by scanning the device and pass through to end the mission.


Here you will face Adams so quickly hide behind one of the pillars before Adams shoots you with his Phase Rifle. Trust soldiers will constantly pour out of the conduit behind Adams and try to take you out. You can restock your ammo by the ammo crates that are located to the right and left of the steps leading up to the huge conduit.

You objective over here is to Adams but its not possible with that forcefield in the way.In order to shut down the forcefield, aim at the four purple crystals that are located in the four corners of the grid. Take out the soldiers and the crystals.

Once you take out the forcefield, use any powerful weapon and start shooting Adams. Take cover behind the pillars and wait for three shots until he reloads. Once his health is down to two-third,you’ll into phase two of the battle.

Adams will transform into an alien. First of all,take cover behind one of the statues quickly before Adams charges at you. Adams will charge headfirst towards you so hide behind a statue and wait for Adams to hit it. Once Adams hits the statue he’ll be stunned.

Shoot the glowing yellow weak point on his back. After he hits a statue, circle around and shoot.if you need a refill use the ammo crates around the conduit. Once his health falls down to one third, you’ll enter into the third part of the battle.

He will throw fireballs at you so run right or left to dodge them. Adams will also charge a beam of energy from his hands at you. Shoot at his back while he’s charging that energy beam at you. Take cover behind a statue to avoid getting hurt. Adams will walk to the center of the arena and power up after a few beam attacks. Shoot his weak spot as it is a good chance without getting close.

Go through the same process a few times, and you will finally win. Scan Adams’ body to finish the game.

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