Conan Exiles Beginners Guide – Choosing Servers, Taming Thralls, Hunger/Thirst

Finding trouble with the latest multiplayer outing in the Conan game series? Look no further, our Conan Exiles Beginners Guide will help you settle your footing and use that sword precisely to take down those monsters. If you’re struggling in the exploration part of the game too, we’ve got all the tips and strategies you need to get better at Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles Beginners Guide

The world of Conan Exiles can be a harsh one. Putting survival forward before anything, the game prompts you to look for supplies, armor up your character, and get ready for any threats or fights that may come your way. Some may find this as quite the struggle, so we’ve compiled some useful information to have at the back of your head when delving into the game.

Finding the Right Server

Since this is the only online-only game, you’ll first need to find a reliable server where you can start your journey. Different servers will have different aspects attached to the game. This means you won’t have the same day and night cycle on two different servers.

Rewards and XP for quests will also vary depending on the server. If you want to engage in big battles, then go with the server which has a higher clan cap.

You can choose to add a server, that you think meets your requirement, to your Favorites so you can revisit that session. Remember, there’s no other way of making sure that your progression gets saved. Try to note the name and number of the server somewhere else to in case of a crash in servers.

Keep a Check on Hunger/Thirst

Even though you start with a water supply, it will only last you a little while. Water is easier to get compared to the food resource since you can approach any water body like a river or a pond and refill your water supply or drink from there only (press E). You can also locate these water bodies by the markers on the map.

For food, you can hunt down a variety of animals including insects and rabbits. A steady source of food would be eggs lying around in nests. Beware of the terrifying birds that may be guarding these nests.

You can also choose to take down ostriches and turtles and have them cooked at a campfire. Avoid raw meat as it may give you a bad case of food poisoning.

Making Use of Nature

Branches and wood are important resources in Conan Exiles since you’d need them for constructing tents, igniting flames, and constructing weapons. Bushes are equally important because they allow you to grab seeds to cook vegetables and create medicines. Within these bushes, you can also find plant fiber which you can use as fuel for the fire or even armor.

Later stones will help you build walls and even bases or foundations to guard yourself against the perils of the harsh world. Steel and iron will help you take your weapons up a notch and step into advanced territory. Do note that for creating this kind of weapons, you will first need to learn the blacksmith skill. This involves building a furnace and smelting steel and other metals to make them into powerful weapons.

Smelting Steel

Since you need to use the furnace for developing advanced battles which will help you get an edge in battle, you need to know how to melt steel. This is done by first putting some Brimstone Tar in the furnace to obtain the Steel Fire. After that, just put the Steel Fire along with some Iron Bars to start the formation of steel. Now, you’ll be able to craft all weapons that you wish for.

Spawning Point

Since it can be quite a walk in this harsh land and some great beasts along the way, at the end of the day you would be better off dying away from a faraway spawn point. Building a bed will make sure you can spawn nearby. After gathering the required resources, interact with the bed to make it into a spawn point. Remember though, you will need to construct a bed each time your respawn from one as it gets used up in the process.

Taming Thralls

You can tame NPCs or thralls to make them obey and serve you. This comes in handy especially in combat scenarios and many other cases. To do this, first, build a Wheel of Pain at your base and then knock out the NPC you wish to tame using a truncheon.

Using the fiber bindings, make the NPC unconscious and bring him to the Wheel of Pain. Put some food in front of them, anything really. You will have then successfully tamed a thrall. Thralls will come with unique skills and will also vary in difficulty of being tamed. Some will help you construct weapons, while others will get you acquainted with clothes and apparel.

The Worship of Gods

Finally, you can choose to worship out of four gods. Each will grant you different boosts in abilities and stats. Maxing out on the level of worship, you’ll be able to summon a powerful beast or avatar to aid you in battle. First, to please the gods, you’ll need to build altars and perform some sacrificial acts.

For the first god, Yog, head to the south to find a priest named Nunu the Cannibal. With his help, you’ll be able to build an altar, ‘The Pit of Yog’. You’ll then just need to eat flesh in the name of Yog. Bonuses will come in the form of special weapons and armor. The second god, Mitra, requires you to head to Jamila, the Pirate Queen in the East and construct an altar there. Mitra enables you to craft holy weapons and armor.

The third god, Set, can be interacted with by heading to the north to find the priest, Mek-kamoses and build an altar there. You will be required to sacrifice humans on his altar. Successfully doing so will grant you the ability to resistance poison and turn snakes into arrows. Cool, right? The last god is little mean and offers you absolutely nothing. We don’t really bother with this one, he’s named Crom.

This is all we’ve in our Conan Exiles Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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