Company Of Heroes 3 Veterancy Guide

Company Of Heroes 3 brings returning and brand-new gameplay mechanics. One of these most demanded mechanics is Company of Heroes 3 Veterancy. If you have played other games of the Company Of Heroes franchise, you might be familiar with Veterancy. Veterancy is a mechanic which emphasizes keeping your units alive.

The longer they are alive, the stronger they get. And they will become very important in the course of a match. In Company Of Heroes 3, Veterancy works very similarly to previous games of this franchise.

How Veterancy works in Company of Heroes 3

To obtain Veterancy, the units must engage in combat, killing and fully annihilating the enemy team. This means you have to kill the entire unit of your enemy while keeping most of your combatants alive. Each enemy unit kill will grant your unit experience and will make your unit obtain Veterancy faster.

Vetreancy has a direct connection with the unit. If your whole unit dies, all your hard-earned Veterancy will go to waste. Therefore, keeping your units alive is the most critical aspect of success in Veterancy. So, maintaining Veterancy is a difficult task in Company of Heroes 3.

All the units have three levels of veterancy. Each level of veterancy is indicated by a Star. Each of these levels requires different amounts of experience depending on the unit. You can check the Veterancy progress of each unit by looking at their info panel.

You can also check the Veterancy level of your units and your enemy’s unit by looking at the star above their unit icon, highlighting the respective unit’s Veterancy level. All units get no more Veterancy experience or bonus after level 3 of Veterancy.

Benefits of Veterancy

Veterancy levels have a lot of benefits. Whenever your unit gains a Veterancy level, it receives an amount of bonus. Each unit gets a different amount of bonus as set by the game files.

At level 1 of Veterancy, combat units like infantry and heavy infantry get an increase in accuracy, making it more difficult to hit by the enemy. They get increased firing rate, damage reduction, and suppression resistance at level 2 of Veterancy. At level 3, units’ weapon damage and accuracy will increase in CoH 3.

Some units receive different amounts of bonus as mentioned above. For example, A Rifleman unit only gets increased weapon accuracy at all three levels, not weapon damage or resistance.

There is also a Veterancy level of vehicles. Vehicles at level 1 get a maximum speed bonus. At level 2, they get a vehicle penetration bonus; at level 3, they get a weapon damage bonus.

Veterancy levels help your units gain experience from combats. It grants you improved abilities like better firing rate, weapon damage, increased speed, and resistance to enemy attacks, which helps you in your upcoming combats.

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