How To Counter Snipers In Company Of Heroes 3

Snipers in Company of Heroes 3 are know for high damage and long range attacks, and most players feel difficulty in countering them, not us.

Snipers in Company of Heroes 3 are known for high damage and long-range attacks. Many players simply spam sniper units and make it impossible for other units of the enemy team to advance.

Furthermore, sniper units also take on highly defensive positions where it is more challenging to reach them. This makes it difficult to attack and counter an army consisting of snipers.

How to counter enemy sniper units

There are several ways to beat an enemy sniper in Company of Heroes 3. It all comes down to the situation you have in your hand. How well is the enemy sniper covered? What kind of terrain surrounds them? What are your available resources at the moment?

Depending on your position in the battle, you can choose from the following to counter enemy snipers.

Raw Power

If you are strong enough, you can always overflow your units. The enemy snipers won’t be able to take out the sheer number of units you throw at them. In this way, you can force the snipers in Company of Heroes 3 to die or retreat.

You can flood units and capture more points faster with small infantry. This grants you access to more units and more resources, allowing you to push further easier to counter the snipers.

In general, we do not recommend this strategy. You will lose a lot of units, and the enemy will be able to retaliate against your attack since you have deployed most of your units, leaving you completely vulnerable.

Armored Units

You can deploy armored units like tanks along with your infantry. All these will cover your units as they push forward and protect your units from getting hit. The armored units will also provide strong firepower allowing you to take out any hidden snipers in Company of Heroes 3.

You can even force them to give up their positions and move into more vulnerable spots. Deploying a small number of tanks at the start of the fight might take a long time, but this also allows you to push further into the enemy territory early on in the game.

The best armored unit you can use in COH3 is Puma. Puma can use aimed shots that allow you to aim and shoot at an infantry unit manually. This allows you to bring a single unit, a one-shot kill tank that is a perfect counter to all sniper units.

Mortar Support

You can use smoke bombs launched through Mortars. Using smoke cover provided by mortars provide cover for your units to push forward. Using a smoke screen reduces the sniper’s probability of hitting from 100% to 25% in COH3. 

This strategy is impractical with Elite units, who have a 300% chance of being hit by a sniper, making them easy targets even when covered by mortar smoke.

You can hide Mortars behind hedgerows and other buildings to provide excellent cover fire as your units advance regularly. You can also mix flame grenades and explosives to hit the enemies hard without facing too many casualties.


This strategy works only in specific situations. If the enemy snipers are close to each other, you can try flanking them and attacking them from multiple sides. Sniper units are not so good at fighting on multiple fronts; you can take advantage of this.

You can send in a few armored units to act as bait, where the rest of your units flank them and kill them. If so, your bait units will die before your attack units reach the snipers to take them out.


Sniper units are slow, meaning that snipers cannot escape or ambush without an advantageous position.

You can use paratroopers in COH3 to land either behind the sniper position or near the snipers. As a result, the snipers won’t get away in time, and your paratroopers will be able to kill them pretty quickly.

Light Vehicles

Using light vehicles in Company of Heroes 3 is another excellent option. Snipers cannot damage light vehicles, while you can quickly kill a running sniper because of the light vehicle’s speed.


The last counter you can use is to bring snipers of your own. These snipers will attack and also prevent enemy units from advancing toward you. Sniper-sniper fights are prolonged and tedious.

This fight is viable if you want to keep the enemy snipers at bay so they aren’t able to bring in more snipers to attack you.

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