Company Of Heroes 3’s Narrative Focuses A Lot On “The Rivalry” Between US And UK

The single-player campaign of Company of Heroes 3 will often ask players to pick favorites from their allies but which might not go down well with some countries.

Speaking with PC Gamer magazine for the latest issue, lead narrative designer Báirbre Bent stated that “one of the big themes of the narrative is the rivalry between America and the United Kingdom.”

In a bid to give war a face as well as more depth and understanding, there will be partisan advisors from each country presenting their own solutions for upcoming battles. The sub-commanders of the British, the United States, and the Italian partisan forces might hence not always be on the same page.

In an example quoted, an American partisan might push players to bomb an area to make an assault easier, while a British partisan might be against the idea because of civilians hiding in the same area.

Take note that Company of Heroes 3 will still be a real-time strategy game over a role-playing one. “Some” of these choices will not be “either or deals” and hence, players can always pick one suggestion without fearing any dire consequences.

However, there will be times when siding with one partisan advisor will mean the dislike of their partisan counterpart. What this dislike will result in remains unknown but Bent confirmed that players can still succeed in pleasing everyone over the course of the war.

Bent further added that the narrative of Company of Heroes 3 is being designed to push players to not pick favorites. Instead, players will be encouraged to listen to everyone and which will be “possibly the best way” forward.

“One thing we are looking into is a way that you can get a deeper understanding of why these sub-commanders want you to do what they have asked you,” said Bent. “And we are hoping to bring that in — that there will be a way for the player to opt in to get a bit more depth and understanding behind each sub-commander’s vision for the war.”

Company of Heroes 3 will be releasing somewhere in 2022 for PC.

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