How To Increase Loyalty In Company of Heroes 3

In Company of Heroes 3, Loyalty is a mechanic introduced in the Italian campaign that gives useful bonuses. Read to find how to increase it.

In the Company of Heroes 3, Loyalty is a new mechanic introduced in the Italian campaign.  

To progress through the game you have to pledge your allegiances to a certain faction’s leader and try to be compliant with all of them for as long as possible. This is necessary for your survival amidst the war.  

In CoH 3, the Italian campaign has three main factions: the United States faction represented by General Buckram, the United Kingdom faction represented by General Norton, and the Italian Resistance faction represented by Eleonora Valenti.  

Each of these representatives suggests various strategies. Your Company of Heroes 3 Loyalty rewards are based on how well you follow their suggestions.

How to increase Loyalty to unlock rewards

In the Italian Campaign of CoH 3, you can achieve the maximum 5-tier loyalty by following the suggestions of a particular faction’s leader. The more suggestions you follow, the more loyalty you will earn.

On the other hand, if you make a decision that goes against a certain leader’s will, you will lose loyalty to them. You need to reach Level 4 loyalty with a faction leader to ensure that they will be on your side while you carry out the final offense to break the Winter Line. 

Generally, loyalty can be increased by speaking and acting according to the options a certain character favors, accepting their missions, and taking over areas they want you to. 

General Buckram of the United States 

General Buckram is an aggressive man who has influence over air support. If you wish to increase your loyalty to him, you need to show an aggressive attitude towards the campaign and capture the northern towns as he wants you to.

As your Loyalty Tier increases from 1 to 5, Buckram will grant you air-support-based rewards. 

Loyalty TierRewards
Level 1Airborne Reinforcement: A reward that allows you to use the healing ability of an Airborne Company without having to wait for its cooldown to end 
Level 2Advanced Landing Fields: A reward that provides a B-25 Mitchell aircraft to the airfield upon capture without any additional cost 
Level 3Anti-Air Support: Upon capture, this reward will provide Anti Air Emplacement at airfields free of cost 
Level 4Buckram’s Loyalty: This loyalty reward makes sure that Buckram will be on your side while you break the Winter Line 
Level 5Marston Mats: All abilities for your aircraft will be available for a cheaper price now 

General Nortan of the United Kingdom  

General Nortan is more inclined toward the Navy and wants you to capture the South. If you wish to focus on naval supremacy then you should get in Gen Nortan’s good books by earning his loyalty.  

Loyalty Tier Rewards
Level 1Navigator: This reward grants all your ships a greater movement range 
Level 2Naval Reserves: This reward adds a Mahan-class vessel at seaports upon capture, free of cost 
Level 3Amphibious Operations: This reward makes the Transport Company’s ability at seaports cheaper 
Level 4Norton’s Loyalty: This loyalty reward makes sure that Norton will be on your side while you break the Winter Line 
Level 5Logistics Chain: This reward will ensure that more fuel is delivered by supply shipments 

Eleonora Valenti of Italian Resistance 

Valenti can assist you in recon and wishes that you free her people. The best way to gain Valenti’s loyalty is to capture Partisan Hubs where Partisan troops are trapped.

Any town with a dagger icon on the map is a Partisan Hub such as Avellino, Calitri, Caiazzo, and Craco. You can remove the fog of war to report, capture targets, loot targets, and use explosives.

Performing these saboteur actions will increase your loyalty to Valenti and she will give you intel about what is going on with the enemy. 

Loyalty Tier Rewards 
Level 1Local Relations: This reward doubles your Capture Target ability at the Partisan Hubs 
Level 2Civilian Intel: This reward will make you aware of the enemy’s whereabouts 
Level 3Enigma Decrypts: This reward will make you aware of the enemy’s company, air, and naval actions 
Level 4Valenti’s Loyalty: This loyalty reward makes sure that Valenti will be on your side while you break the Winter Line 
Level 5Captured Material: This reward increases your Loot Target ability and doubles the resource reward at the Partisan Hubs 

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