Company of Heroes 3 Faction Abilities Guide

While each Company of Heroes 3 faction has unique abilites, it is quite a challenging task to choose any of them without in-depth knowledge.

Every Company of Heroes 3 faction has unique abilities, battlegroups, specialized units, and attack areas. While each has advantages and consequences, choosing any without in-depth knowledge and gameplay experience is challenging. This Company of Heroes 3 Faction Abilities guide will allow you to grasp every significant aspect of these factions and know which of their abilities makes them superior to the others.

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The Wehrmacht is a versatile faction and has units that can help in almost every situation the game throws at you. The strategy element of the faction is the order in which you unlock units from every tier building.

There is a constant choice between growing up to more robust units while unlocking the units in your current tier for a more diverse army. The strength of this faction is in its later-game units, which are robust and highly specialized at dealing with airborne strikes in Company of Heroes 3.


  • Mechanized: Includes four distinct kinds of tanks, making it versatile in terms of artillery.
  • Breakthrough: Although the faction is defensive, this particular battlegroup has offensive skills.
  • Luftwaffe: You can acquire an A-A tank even if you are not on tier 3 in this battlegroup. Offers enough support in aircraft attacks.

Wehrmacht Unique Abilities

Wehrmacht excels in its unique ability of armored transportation that constructs a strong base in CoH 3. These vehicles comprise the Panzer IV and the Tiger-Heavy Tank, anti-infantry tanks such as 8-Rad Car, and the Wibelwind Flakpanzer.


The Deutsches Afrikakorps is something that we could call a fast-hitting faction. This faction is particularly adept at strategic movement and high mobility in Company of Heroes 3. Probably the most brutal faction to play due to the pace of gameplay, the faction starts strong and requires good scouting to know where and when to hit your enemy.


  • Italian Infantry: This battlegroup allows good artillery support, Guastatori Squad, and many other abilities.
  • Italian Combined Arms: This has decent air strike abilities, various vehicles, and Bersaglieri infantry with instant mobility.
  • Armored Support: Specializes in tank force and can even utilize resources from a destroyed tank.

 Unique Abilities

The panzer-pioneer grenadiers, the Flavering Halftrack, the Guastatori Squad, and the Light carriers are some of the Afrikakorps’ unique abilities that make it one of the strongest factions. The 254 Reconnaissance Tractor enables this faction to detect enemy attacks, making it less vulnerable to unexpected strikes in CoH 3.

If you can keep the pace up, your opponent will struggle to get a foothold on the map. However, look for traps and mines as you move around the battlefield.

US Forces

The US forces are an infantry powerhouse that can overwhelm opponents with various abilities and weapons. Each unit has a veterancy choice at level one, which allows you to customize your army differently.

Each game combines multiple abilities across squads, quickly returning from airstrikes and off-map artillery to cause chaos for your opponent and force them to retreat. If you can perform these combined assaults in quick order, you will usually come out on top in any situation.


The US Forces’ battle strategy revolves around its Support Centers. These support centers are Air support, Mechanized support, and Infantry support centers. Every group correlates with these support centers.

  • Airborne: This one compliments the Air support center and offers aerial overseeing between the fight.
  • Armored: While the tanks in this battlegroup are fierce and strong, the Mechanised support center can maximize their efficiency.
  • Special Operations: This battlegroup complements the Infantry center and comprises several potent skills, including the Commando squad.

Unique Abilities

The Bazooka squad and M24 Chaffee tank from the US Forces in Company of Heroes 3 offer tank destruction abilities, which come in handy when several tanks attack you.

British Forces

The British forces are the all-around faction in Company of Heroes 3 and are the faction we recommend playing if you are playing the game for the first time. This faction has most elements present in other factions and is the most forgiving of choice errors, such as selecting the wrong battle group.

Getting the most out of the faction requires a diverse army and the utilization of artillery and support weapons to back up infantry and tank assaults.


  • Indian Artillery: The Artillery in this game version has probably been made more effective than the last versions of Company of Heroes. Use Gurkha Rifles, as it is the most efficient infantry section in CoH 3.
  • British Armored: This battlegroup offers to construct a repair and less cost in the Royal engineer section.
  • British Air and Sea: If your group is pushing forward, the incendiary attack in this battlegroup will be the key to success in your forward strike.

Unique Abilities

Heavy artillery is the unique ability when it comes to the British Forces in Company of Heroes 3. This faction has the most artillery in the game, which can be used offensively or defensively to suit your battle style. The British faction has separate tanks for every new situation you might face in the battle.

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