Company Of Heroes 3 Deutsches Afrikakorps Build Order

Deutsches Afrikakorps or DAK is a highly versatile faction in Company of Heroes 3 and we will provide you with best build order for them.

Deutsches Afrikakorps faction or commonly known as DAK in Company of Heroes 3 is one of the most powerful and versatile factions available. Building order for any faction is extremely important to give you an edge against enemies in both PvE and PvP. With three battle group variations available for DAK, we will be focusing on Italian Infantry in this Company of Heroes 3 Deutsches Afrikakorps build order.

One thing to keep in mind before starting is that “Build Order” for any factions is flexible. While we have suggested some really strong units towards the endgame, even they don’t guarantee a victory in every scenario/battle. Due to the fast nature of combat in CoH3 and unpredictable enemy behavior, you need to adapt according to the situation.

Company of Heroes 3 Deutsches Afrikakorps build order

The most important part of any battle in CoH 3 is its opening sequence. You can capture a lot of areas in the early game by following the Company of Heroes 3 DAK build order we have presented below.

Early-Game build order

Kradschutzen Motorcycle Team

Always start your building order for DAK with a motorcycle unit. We recommend deploying two units at least. They are extremely fast and can be used to capture the farthest points, but also at risk of coming into contact with the enemy.

They have very low HP so don’t use them to engage in direct combat against enemies. The aim is to capture at least 2/3rd the area of the map in the beginning phase. Don’t be greedy with motorcycle sqaud. Run away as soon as enemies engage you.

Panzerpioneer Squad

They can be deployed in the beginning, but we recommend against them. Send them after motorcycle teams. They are engineers and repairmen who can fix medical trucks. They play a very important role in the endgame, so it is necessary to keep them alive by any means necessary.

Always use sandbags and barbwire to protect them when capturing a point. You can use them to engage in close combat, but we don’t recommend using them against British Royal Engineers (machine gun squad) or they will be annihilated. You can deploy two squads if you want. The strategy remains the same.

Panzergrenadier Squad

This is an anti-infantry/tank squad that basically acts as support for both motorcycle and panzerpioneer squads. Panzergrenadier squad cost a lot of resources to deploy and is not a fan favorite. They have low HP and can be killed pretty fast by enemy infantry.

Despite all the drawbacks, they can be upgraded to become the best infantry squad CoH3 has to offer. The reward is well worth the risk and resources. Keep them close to your medical truck for instant healing. They upgrade really fast and are replenished pretty easily to deal massive damage.

Light Support Kompanie.

This is a tier 1 building for DAK build order that produces 6 main units. It grants access to the deployment and training of infantry squads in addition to the production of medical vehicles. We will be using two of these units during the next phase extensively. Mid-game starts from here.

Mid-Game build order

MG34 Team

The next phase of the CoH 3 Deutsches Afrikakorps build order starts with training the machine gun squad. They are used to repel enemy infantry and should be deployed around command points or resource choke points.

Don’t send out your MG34 squad before proper reconnaissance. We don’t want our main force to be wiped out as soon as they are deployed.

At this point, your territory will most probably be under attack by enemy forces and the MG34 squad can turn the tide in your favor if used wisely. The recommended number is 2x. The strategy for the second squad remains the same. The second squad should be placed alongside the first (facing the opposite direction) to increase your line of sight.

2.5-Tonne Medical Truck

Belongs to the support/non-combat unit. As the name implies, these trucks are used to heal and replenish your squads. The Deutsches Afrikakorps doesn’t have medical tents, and this makes your medical trucks THE MOST IMPORTANT unit in the game.

Medical trucks are extremely vulnerable to anti-tank squads especially “The Boys” in The British Forces. Place them behind your MG34 squad. This combination works wonders. MG34 squad protects the trucks which in turn heal the low-hp MG34 squad.

Panzerjager Mechanized Group

They are call-ins and are used as anti-tank squads. They arrive in halftracks from the left side. Being in halftrack makes them extremely vulnerable to anti-tank squads. This can result in you losing your squad before they can arrive on the battlefield. So, plan wisely.

One advantage of Panzerjager squad arriving in halftracks is that they reach the middle of the battlefield really fast. They are extremely devastating and gain massive experience with closed-range combat.

They can be upgraded to have machine guns and in turn, can suppress enemy infantry pretty effectively. Support Panzerjager with Panzergrenadier squad as they will, later on, compensate for them.

Guastatori Squad

Call ins. Require two command points to deploy. This is what we have been working towards since the start of this CoH 3 build order. Guastatori squad in Company of Heroes 3 is the most OP squad in the game and can change the whole battlefield in your favor.

A group of five elite combat engineers can be upgraded by 80 munitions to equip flamethrowers. They can fix vehicles and have suppression resistance. They can use gas bombs and move through the smoke to attack. Deploy two squads and upgrade them as soon as you can.

Mechanized Kompanie

It is a Tier 2 building that grants access to 5 main units. Its main role is to produce critical combat vehicles and offers upgrades for them. We will be using one in our endgame.

End-Game build order

8-Rad Armored Car

The majority of the map will be in your hands at this point, so you need to experiment a bit with different squads. We recommend deploying 8-Rad Armored Car. But there is a catch.

You can’t deploy armored cars against “The Boys” from The British Forces. They are equipped with AT weapons and will destroy your vehicles. Deploy some more machine gun squads or units that can call for air strikes. If you still want to use it against The British Forces, make sure to support your Armored Car with Guastatori squad (upgraded to level 2).

Panzerarmee Komand

It is a tier 3 building that grants access to 3 main units including the powerhouse, Panzer 3. Panzerarmee Komand produces medium tanks and offers upgrades for them.

Panzer 3 L Medium Tank

This behemoth is equipped with a 50mm long barrel gun in addition to two MG34 machine guns. When paired with a Guastatori squad, this vehicle will end the battle in your favor pretty fast. Just make sure to repair it.

The main strategy revolves around the call-ins, Guastatori Squad. They lead the charge for the mid-game, enabling you to deploy heavy artillery during end-game

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