Company Of Heroes 3 Features Multiple Levels Of Destruction

Company of Heroes 3 will have fierce battles which are going to completely transform the maps owing to an impressive form of dynamic destruction.

According to the latest PC Gamer magazine issue, destruction and chaos will transform terrains on three levels. Each map or site of a battle will start out in its original form which can be a little town surrounded by lush fields and mountains.

The dynamic destruction elements will come into play as tanks roll in, artillery and planes make bombing runs, and soldiers mobilize to drop a hail of bullets. Shells will leave visible holes in rooftops. Gunfire will demolish walls. Explosives will start fires which alongside destroyed vehicles will consume the area.

Company of Heroes 3 has been designed in several ways for a battlefield to tell the story of the fight and what caused the destruction. The map will hence transform in real time to reflect an ongoing battle. However, once a battle has concluded, the impacted map will transform again to a grim and bleak state.

Smoke rising from charred vehicles and buildings will make the area darker as it blots out the sun. Large craters will confirm where bombs were dropped. The lush countryside will be blackened with soot with collapsed structures and rubble replacing the one peaceful little town.

The entire area will be completely devoid of life (and hope) as Company of Heroes 3 makes sure that players will be able to look back at their prior skirmishes and judge the level of destruction they left behind.

The destruction mechanics of Company of Heroes 3 are fairly impressive but only so because of the accompanying sound effects and soundtracks, which also come with dynamic elements.

Walking into a town for the first time for example will allow players to hear the birds and wind, the sound of tank treads rolling, and such to make for a peaceful time. However, as soon as the first bomb drops or an enemy is sighted, the music will change in reaction.

That being said, the dynamic sound design is more than just flipping a switch between a serene and chaotic music file. The music, even the ambiance, will react to what players are doing. The music might not be as loud during battles, but as soon as an armored regiment of Shermans arrive, the music will change to deafening and adrenaline-rushing levels.

Company of Heroes 3 will be releasing somewhere in 2022 for PC.

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