How To Capture Territory In Company Of Heroes 3

To capture a territory in Company of Heroes 3, you have to leave your troops inside the perimeter of that circle for a few seconds.

Whether you’re playing multiplayer or AI Skirmish battles, capturing territories (and sectors) in Company of Heroes 3 will play a key role in determining whether you win the battle or not.

The map is divided into a lot of areas called resource/territory points – which are denoted by different icons. There will be a small circular area in each of these territories with a flag at its center.

To capture a particular territory, you will have to leave any of your troops inside the perimeter of that circle for a few seconds. Capturing these points is not only useful to establish territory but also for obtaining resources like munitions and fuel.

Aside from munition and fuel, you will also find Victory Points. Capturing Victory Points is the most important step to winning. Every team starts off with 500 tickets each by default.

Capturing a Victory Point will deduct a ticket every 3 seconds from the enemy team. Capturing a second one will deduct two tickets every 3 seconds and so on… until they are left with nothing.

Now that you know the importance of taking the control of resources and victory points, let’s look at a few ways how you can tactically capture territory in Company of Heroes 3.

Best way to tactically capture territory

You can capture territory with any single troop – as long as they’re in the respective circle. The standard method to deploy your troops to that area is to hold the Shift key and right-click on the point you want to capture either from the tactical map or the mini-map.

The time it takes to capture a territory will vary depending on the type of troop you use and the level of the point you are trying to capture. Even a single troop would suffice to capture a territory, but some may have a Capture Rate Bonus that reduces the time taken for a capture.

Some of the troops that can capture territories quickly are Sections, Scouts, Panzer Grens, and the Kettenkrad with the highest capture rate.

You will mostly start off with infantry. You need to capture as many areas as possible even if you just have access to infantry.

This standard method of capturing enemy territory isn’t as effective though. You can use a few tips and tricks to make capturing territory a lot easier.

Plan out capture points

The early game is mostly a resource point race. You need to capture as many resource points as you can to gain an upper hand on your opponent – but these captures must be in a strategic manner.

First off, plan according to the type of troops you have. You should use troops that have a Capture Rate Bonus to occupy areas of importance that take a longer time to capture.

Secondly, try to occupy areas at the center of the map. These will be the points where the main battle will be, and are more likely to be lost. Hence, taking control of the center is very important.

You should use your other troops like the Kettenkrad to capture points that are closer to your base and are less likely to be attacked. Capturing these areas early will allow a proper flow of resources from the start of the game.

Capture faster with Infantry

As mentioned before, using the standard method to occupy territory is very inefficient. This is because, with a direct order, your infantry will move all the way to the center of the circle – next to the flag – to capture the point.

When they’re done capturing the point, they waste a few seconds getting out of the circle to occupy the next capture point.

These few seconds can be crucial to capturing the next point and can be saved with a simple method. The point can be captured as long as your troops are in the perimeter of the circle – even if they’re at the edge of it.

Staying at the edge of the circle will save the few seconds you need to occupy the next point. You can do this by ordering your troops to stand at the edge, facing the next point, and hold the command for the next capture ready.

As soon as you capture the point, you can give a manual command and order your troops to capture the next point, saving those few wasted seconds.

Capture faster with vehicles

Vehicles like the Kettenkrad also waste a lot of time in moving from one capture point to another. This is because they often have to drive around the flag or rotate over to the direction of the next capture point.

You can solve this problem just as you did in the previous case. Give an order to the Kettenkrad to stay at the edge of a circle when capturing a resource point, then give a manual command to capture the next point when the capture time is complete.

In case your Kettenkrad isn’t facing the direction of the next capture point, you can hold the right click at the edge of the circle and then drag it slightly in the direction of the next point you intend to capture.

Moreover, the Kettenkrad also has an immediate upgrade called the Communication Cables. This upgrade boosts the number of resources that the Kettenkrad can produce after capturing a resource point for the rest of the game.

Avoid the capture circle’s center

Another reason to stay away from the circle’s center other than wasting time is to maintain stealth. When one of your troops enters the center of the circle with a default command, the enemy is notified of exactly what type of troop you are using to capture the territory – giving them the chance to make an effective counterattack.

If you, however, stay at the edge of the circle, you can avoid that and capture the point discreetly.

Use close and long-range units effectively

This will be very important in occupying territory that is already captured and defended by the enemy. In case the defense is close to or inside the circle, using close-range troops will be the best choice.

This is because as your troops close in the distance, they will be in a better position to fight off the defense and capture the point.

If you do this with long-range troops though, closing the distance will be a means for disaster. To use long-range troops, first, give the command to attack the point with the Q key, then queue up the capture command after that by holding shift and right-clicking the flag.

This will make sure that long-range specialists maintain a distance and play to their strengths. At this point, you can even re-assess your situation and plan accordingly without taking a lot of damage.

Use sandbags effectively

Using Sandbags effectively is also very important in capturing a particular resource point. You can use sandbags to provide cover for your troops as they are in the circle – but its position will matter greatly.

You can either place the sandbags at the center of the circle facing the enemies’ direction or plant them at the edges to prevent enemies from taking cover themselves and halting your capture from the edge.

To quickly get behind the cover, you can hold shift and then right-click, dragging the cursor to the sandbags. This will make your troops get behind the sandbags as soon as they’re done building.

Additionally, you can also plant mines or barbed wires in front of natural cover that your enemies might use to attack you as you are capturing a point. However, you do need to be careful around the center of the flag because your enemy will have vision over there.

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